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For Honor collectibles: Observables and Breakables location guide

2.4 Up The Beach

Observable 1/6

After you’ve made it inside the fortress, progress forward until you come across a giant crossbow catapult, which represents the first Observable. 

Observable 2/6

Break the drawbridge chain and cross over the bridge before turning right, whereby the door at the end of the passage can be observed.  

Observable 3/6

Once you’ve made it onto the battlefield where the two armies are fighting, look behind you at the open drawbridge to nab another Observable.  

Observable 4/6

Continue straight ahead and climb up the ladder on the left side of the wall in front. Go left and, once you’re halfway across the bridge, look rightward at the view across. 

Observable 5/6

Take a left and jump down onto the bridge below, to observe another open drawbridge from midway across. 

Observable 6/6

Progress onward to the final objective, but make sure to observe the dead bodies before the area in which the boss shows up. 

2.5 Reconnaissance

Observable 1/1

Look directly forwards to see a couple of poor fellows hanging from an archway. That’s your first Observable. 

Observable 2/12

From there, head left through a passage of trees until you reach a wrecked boat, at the centre of which lies some more Observable bodies. 

Breakables 1/10

Head up from the boat and on the left side will be your first smashable pots. 

Observable 3/12

Move to where the viking prisoner is being held and observe the board found at the bottom of the observation tower. 

Observable 4/12

Just left from here you’ll find yet another giant statue head, which shouldn’t be too hard to spot.  

Breakables 2/10

Opposite the head towards the gate will be another set of Breakables. 

Breakables 5/12

Continue along this way until you make it to the small arched building, where some Breakables will be chilling by a pillar. 

Observable 6/12

Keep going in this direction but take a right to the edge of the water, where you can look out across to a rowing boat. 

Breakable 6/10

Turn back around and take a right until you get to a small cluster of buildings, near the far end of which are more Breakables. 

Breakable 7/12

Hug the edge of the map and pass through the tree tunnel where, straight ahead, you should spot a fourth set of Breakables.

Observable 6/12

Right next to this is a spiked head, which can be observed, of course. 

Observable 7/12

The next set of collectibles doesn’t show up until the next stage of the mission, the first of which is an Observable corpse found near the starting zone of the section. 

Breakable 8/12

Move into the fortress and you’ll find a Breakable in the first building you find yourself inside of. 

Breakable 9/12

Exit through the left door of this building, and immediately on the left as you come outside will be more Breakables.

Observable 8/12

Descend down the stairs to observe this water feature statue centred in the courtyard. 

Observable 9/12

See where the statue is looking towards? Follow his gaze and look out upon the view below. 

Observable 10/12

Head right from here and look at the small building once you make it up the stairs to nab a tenth Observable. 

Breakable 10/12

Go right and head into the building, wherein another Breakable lies behind the pillar. 

Breakable 11/12

Continue through the building and follow the wall on the left until it ends, where you’ll find more Breakables hiding behind the corner. 

Observable 11/12

Situated next to this is a disparaged gate, which makes for a penultimate Observable. 

Breakable 12/12

Move across from here down the stairs and look for the Breakables on the left side. 

Observable 12/12

The last Observable is a prison cell in the downstairs corridor beneath the building you first entered. 

2.6 The Great Raid

Breakable 1/6

Take the right passageway from the start, and you’ll come across the first Breakables on your way through. 

Observable 1/5

Pull back and then head in through the main entrance. Look to your right immediately after heading through the gate to observe a catapult.

Breakable 2/6

Pass up the first stairs on the right side of the walkway and smash the Breakables sat at the top. 

Observable 2/5

Stay up here and walk across the bridge to check out a giant bell. 

Observable 3/5

Jump back down and continue along the walkway and observe the lion statue on the left side. 

Breakable 3/6

Descend the stairs next the the lion and turn right to chance upon a Breakable at the end. 

Breakable 4/6

Go back up the stairs and straight ahead you’ll another Breakable. 

Breakable 5/6

Keep going this direction up the slope, and there’ll be the penultimate Breakable at the top. 

Observable 4/5

There’ll also be a funny looking tree here, too. 

Observable 5/5

Progress to the end of the walkway and look at the main gate to get your last Observable. 

Breakable 6/6

At the left side of this gate is the final Breakable. 

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