Flagship Bose headphones have a discount of more than £130 Prime Day

Flagship Bose headphones have a discount of more than £130 Prime Day
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The critically acclaimed Bose 700 noise-cancelling headphones have had their price reduced to just £210 for the first time ever this Prime Day. 

Bose is one of those brands that has been revered for decades for its dedication to advanced audio clarity and focus on crisp, warm sound. Unfortunately for most, with a pedigree into purveyor-territory, the company's headphones haven't ever exactly been in the right price range for many of us. 

That's why it's important to take advantage of great sales like this, as it's unlikely that the 700s will be this low again for a long time. Historically, Bose headphones - and the company's other audio tech - scarcely receives too deep of a discount even at the best of times. 

It's important to remember that this price is only for Prime Day though, so if you're on the fence about wanting them, you should probably act fast to avoid disappointment. These are destined to race off the shelves fast!

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Bose 700 Headphones | £350 £209 at Amazon
Save £141: For anyone who is serious about high-quality audio, it's unlikely that Bose is an unfamiliar name to you. While many companies have dabbled in noise cancelling, few can say that their flagship devices boast 11 different levels that adapt to your surroundings for as light - or as padded - a feel as you deem necessary. At the same time, the 20-hour playtime and Amazon Alexa integration doesn't hurt either. If silver isn't your colour, it's also got a variant in Soapstone (white) and Midnight (blue).

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