The 5 most annoying custom classes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Camping Bastard

Pitch a tent and roast some marshmallows

Primary Weapon: Any light machine gun with Impact and a scope
Secondary Weapon:
Any silenced pistol
Bouncing Betty
Portable Radar
Counter UAV/Airdrop Trap/ Remote Turret
: Revenge
Perk 1:
Sleight of Hand
Perk 2:
Perk 3:

How it works: That’s right, a camper with a machine gun. Why? Because the point of this class isn’t to go on crazy kill streaks, or hide from your opponents, but to make your foes fear being seen. In a way, it’s the opposite of the Serial Killer class, which serves to make the inside seem dangerous. Instead, this turns the outdoors into no man’s land by assuring that there will be bullets flying whenever the opponent is in the open.

And that’s your job. Find a spot, drop a Bouncing Betty on the ground, equip a light machine gun with Impact so you can hit enemies through walls, and start shooting at everything that moves. Change windows as much as possible and do your best to keep everyone suppressed, only leaving when absolutely necessary. Don’t worry about kills. Don’t worry about deaths. Just make your opponent’s lives miserable. If you do manage to get enough kill to use the Airdrop Trap go right ahead and drop it in plain sight – if anyone is dumb enough to go after it you’re getting free kills.

Killstreak Killer

Griefing the griefers

Primary Weapon: Any
Secondary Weapon: Stinger launcher
Lethal: Any
Tactical: EMP grenade
Killstreak: Counter UAV/SAM Turret/EMP
Deathstreak: Revenge
Perk 1: Blind Eye Pro
Perk 2: Hardline Pro
Perk 3: Sitrep

How it works: What’s worse than scoring an Osprey Gunner then immediately watching it fall out of the sky from an EMP blast? Well, nothing really. This is the goal of the Killstreak Killer – crush your opponents’ hopes of getting their freebee kills with their precious Killstreaks.

Grab a few kills to prep for your Killstreak kill-fest, toss EMP grenades at ground support and activate the Counter UAV and SAM Turret whenever possible to cripple early streakers. When things start to heat up, bust out your Stinger launcher and keep your eyes on the sky. The Stinger works the best for taking down aircraft, and with Blind Eye Pro, not only will you be invisible to attackers in the air, you will be able to get a lock-on in less than half the time. Air support can even be shot down before they enter the combat area, so listen to your radio and those choppers will be hitting dirt before they enter the map. Rack up enough Killstreak kills and unleash the power of the EMP to wipe the map clean of those pesky annoyances and break some hearts.

Get to the Chopper

Bring down sweet, glorious death from above

Primary Weapon: Shotgun
Secondary Weapon: Launcher
Lethal: Grenade
Tactical: Flashbang
Killstreak: UAV / Predator Missile / Helicopter
Deathstreak: Hollow Point
Perk 1: Extreme Conditioning
Perk 2: Hardline
Perk 3: Steady Aim

How it works: One of the most annoying Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 is the helicopter. Even if you’re ready with a rocket launcher it’s usually able to take down one or two enemies before it’s blown up, and if left to wreak havoc (as it usually is) it can be devastating. That’s why we built this class, with one goal and one goal only: to get to the chopper, and to get to the chopper fast.

Thanks to Hardline you can get to the UAV with only two kills, and then the Predator Missile with only four. You’re going to have to get to the two kills yourself, and do your best to save your UAV until you’re close to getting the Predator Missile. Once you get the Missile use the UAV and find a small cluster of enemies – it isn’t hard. Drop the missile on them and you’re likely at (or just before) the Helicopter. Once the chopper is out you’ve won, and you’re guaranteed at least a few more kills (and an annoying few minutes for the enemies).

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