Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 intel locations guide

With skyscrapers exploding, civilians in constant danger, and every single vehicle you enter being almost immediately overturned, you might miss some of the 46 pieces of intel scattered throughout Modern Warfare 3’s cinematic campaign. Fortunately for you, we guides writers have grown numb to any and all emotional stimuli developers can think up, allowing us to quickly and efficiently chronicle collectibles like sexy gaming robots. Read words. Watch videos. Win game.


Black Tuesday (5 intel items)

1. Inside the apartment building, check to the right of the crashed helicopter to find a bedroom. The intel is at the foot of the bed.

2. Descend the steps leading into the store, then turn around and look for a piece of intel on a desk under the staircase.

3. As soon as you enter the lobby of the stock exchange, check the left side of the room.

4. On one of the circular desks in the southwest corner of exchange floor, near the steps leading up.

5. As soon as your objective is to plant a thermite charge on the jammer, look to the right side of the rooftop for a table with the intel on it.

Hunter Killer (2 intel items)

1. After taking out the first two hostiles found inside the sub, look for this piece of intel in the far right corner of the room on a bunk bed.

2. Once on the upper walkway, get to the southwestern corner. It’s the corner opposite of where you need to put a charge on the door.

Persona Non Grata (4 intel items)

1. As soon as you get down to the courtyard, look for a small alcove to you right, on the north end.

2. As you head down the street, look for an open house to your right before the street turns west. Inside one of the smaller room on an end table you’ll find the intel.

3. Soon after you go through the trapdoor to get to the UGV, look behind the huge shipping crate.

4. As soon as you’re done with the UGV and have to GET TO THE CHOPPER! (yessss), look for a playground slide to the left as you leave the building.

Turbulence (2 intel items)

1. After the zero-g sequence, head down the stairs straight to the dead end and turn right. The intel is on the kitchen counter.

2. Fairly soon after the plane crashes you’ll come upon a fallen tree that you must leap over. As soon as you do, check the ground in front of you.

Back on the Grid (3 intel items)

1. After you jump down from your sniper perch to rally with your team, dash into the factory that they were searching. This intel is in the back corner.

2. At the point where you meet up with your team, the street turns to the left. Go down the street until you spot a hut on the left which can be entered. Inside on a crate

3. This piece of intel is on a table at the back of the church.

Mind the Gap (3 intel items)

1. Enter the building across from the locked door, turn left, and look for the intel on a crate.

2. Before (or after) opening the truck doors, run to the building to the northeast. You’ll find stairs leading up to a catwalk. Follow this path until you can enter the building and check the desk for some intel.

3. As soon as you get to the top of the first escalator, look for a newsstand in front of you. The intel is on the ground behind the counter.