Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 intel locations guide


Goalpost (3 intel items)

1. As soon as you get to the street, look for a crashed plane to the north. The intel is in the cockpit.

2. When the street turns to the south, continue west and look behind a short brick wall in the southwest corner of the map.

3. After you find the convoy, you and your squad will enter another building. As soon as you do, check the cubicles on the right for the third intel item.

Return to Sender (3 intel items)

1. Soon after the first go at the remote chopper turret, look for a ladder to your left leading into the south building. The intel is on a desk on the second floor.

2. Check the back left corner of the room that you breach.

3. Once the countdown begins and you’re rushing to the secondary LZ, look for a very small building on your right (the eastern edge of the map). The intel is on a table inside.

Bag and Drag (4 intel items)

1. On the second floor of the bookstore, check the windowsills on the western wall.

2. On a coffee table in the back-room lounge of the “Café de Paris.”

3. In the Catacombs, after you get hit with a flashbang, check the south end of the room before pursuing Volk.

4. Perhaps the easiest to find, this intel is stares you right in the face soon after you climb out of the catacombs, just before you head back onto the street.

Iron Lady (2 intel items)

1. After you snipe the machine gunner, drop into the courtyard and enter the greenhouse on your left. Ascend the staircase inside to find intel.

2. Right after you use the Javelin to take out the second tank, look for a bus on the left side of the bridge. The intel is inside.

Eye of the Storm (2 intel items)

1. You’ll follow Soap into a hotel lobby and be told to wait. You can find intel on the counter.

2. As soon as stealth goes out the window, look for a table umbrella with the word “Prague” on it, just south of the statue.

Blood Brothers (1 intel item)

1. When Price picks up Soap, and tells you to cover them both, clear the room and check the far right corner for this chapter’s only intel.


Stronghold (2 intel items)

1. After you step outside, you’ll climb some stone steps and enter another room where several enemies will be waiting. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when Price says “don’t slow down now.” In the small corner room to the northwest you’ll find this intel.

2. Clear out the courtyard and follow Price up the steps to the second level. Head for the southernmost building to find this intel on a small crate.

Scorched Earth (5 intel items)

1. When you enter the building at the start of the chapter, go up the stairs and turn right. Clear the office of enemies, then check the first desk along the windows to your left.

2. After you destroy the tanks with the A-10 but before you rappel down the building, check the fence along the east side of the roof. There is a piece of intel on the other side, facing away from you, so it may be hard to spot.

3. After you rappel, head down the street towards your objective. You’ll notice a bookstore on your right. Enter the store and check the counter for this intel.

4. As soon as the friendly tanks roll in, turn right down the street and enter the first building on your left. The intel is inside.

5. Once the objective becomes “get to the roof” your squad mate will kick open a door leading to a stairwell. Check under the stairs on a couch for this intel.

Down the Rabbit Hole (2 intel items)

1. When you get to the large room with the high catwalks, look for an office on the left side. The intel is on a file cabinet in that office.

2. Right after you breach the room to rescue the president, turn around and round the corner to find intel on top of a barrel.

Dust to Dust (3 intel items)

1. After you reach the top of the escalator, turn around to your right and grab the intel from the bar.

2. Soon after you leave the elevator, follow Yuri into a small room on your left. The intel is on the poker table.

3. As soon as you enter the restaurant, at about the same time you spot Makarov, look on the bar to your right for the last piece of intel.