Get your first look at Witcher 3 expansion Blood & Wine

If you're looking to take a vacation soon, you could do worse than the land of Toussaint, where Witcher 3 expansion Blood & Wine takes place. Developer CD Projekt RED have released the first screenshots of this new region, and it's quite unlike what we're used to seeing in the Northern Realms.

Far from the dour, dirty villages and foreboding castles we're used to seeing Geralt travel through, Toussaint is filled with shining spires and villas overflowing with beautiful flora. Reminds me a bit of Renaissance-era Italy mixed with Austrian architecture. Of course, it wouldn't be much of a Witcher adventure if everything was as peaceful as it seems. The land holds ancient and terrible secrets, and it'll be up to you to uncover them when Blood & Wine becomes available in the first half of 2016

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