First details on Sam & Max Season Two

Telltale's not leaving it long to return Sam & Max to super-sleuthing with the developer revealing that Sam & Max Season Two is to kick off this autumn.

As yet, there's no concrete details on the first episode in the new season but Telltale has explained it'll retain the "quick wit and bizarre scenarios" seen in Season One, "and more!"

"We're keeping the general structure and gameplay, and focusing on telling farther-reaching, crazier stories. You'll see some changes to the world, too; improvements that were born out of player feedback and our own desire to make the most fun games anyone has ever played," Telltale's design director Dave Grossman has informed us.

Telltale's released a render - as seen here - "which is set in Stinky's, the diner down the street from Sam & Max's office that remained closed for the entire first season."

Each episode released in Season Two will debut on GameTap and then appear as a downloadable release on Telltale's website the following day.

July 26, 2007