Firefly Lane season 2 return date: When is part 2 on Netflix?

Firefly Lane on Netflix
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Firefly Lane season 2 has begun airing on Netflix, but when will the second part be out?

The drama series initially won over viewers back in 2021 with its heartwarming story of friendship between Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully (Katherine Heigl) from their teenage years to adulthood.

However, the final season of the show is divided into two parts, which means that while the first nine episodes have arrived on the streaming platform, we'll be waiting a little longer before we get to see the conclusion to the series. And based on the series cliffhanger at the end of part one, there’s plenty left to be resolved.

When does Firefly Lane season 2 part 2 release on Netflix?

Netflix Firefly Lane

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Luckily, we know exactly when Firefly Lane season 2, part 2 will be released on the streaming platform. Netflix has confirmed that the series will return on June 8, 2023. 

The final part will feature just six episodes, and we got our first glimpse at what we can expect in a new trailer. Although, just a quick warning before we go any further, we'll be delving into some spoilers from here on out.

The first nine episodes of the latest season continued the story of Tully’s and Kate’s roller-coaster 30-year friendship. This time around, we saw the pair dealing with a shattering car accident and Kate’s cancer diagnosis. 

Looking ahead to the second half of the season, it seems like a wedding is on its way – but it’s not yet clear whose big day it is. At the end of part one, Johnny Ryan (Ben Lawson) proposed to Kate. 

However, in the new trailer, it’s not Kate who is dressed in all white, but Tully. Will this be another obstacle in their fraught friendship, or is Netflix setting us up with a red herring?

"It’s gonna be really moving," actor Sarah Chalke told Deadline of the final episodes. "Also so much humor and pain; it’s going to make you laugh, it’s going to make you cry. You are going to get answers to all of your questions that you’re left with. And I hope that you are going to love it."

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