Fire Emblem: Three Houses is already $10 off, Professor

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Tired of hearing everyone gush over Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but don't want to pay full price for your copy? Lucky for you, there's already a slight discount on the game that might lessen the financial burden on your wallet – this soon after launch, no less! Nintendo Switch owners, rejoice! Target is currently offering up Fire Emblem: Three Houses for just $50, which is $10 off its regular price of $60. With the game having only been released last Friday a price cut this soon is a welcome surprise. It's a Switch exclusive, and will likely sell out at this price, so be sure to snap it up before it gets gone. 

Choose one of three houses of Fodlan, whether it's the Black Eagles lead by Edelgard, the Golden Deer headed by Claude, or the Blue Lions lead by Dimitri as you take on the role of professor and teach your faithful students on and off the battlefield. We praised its "epic story," "huge cast of characters," and "deeper strategic mechanics" than the previous Fire Emblem games' offerings. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is $50 at Target | save $10

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is $50 at Target | save $10
Guide, teach, and befriend a class of promising students as you side with one of three houses in this unique twist on the typical Fire Emblem formula, already discounted $10 a week after release – better hop on it quick!

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