Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items guide: How to become the Sherlock Holmes of the lost and found

Fire Emblem Three Houses lost items guide
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Locating all of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items and working out who to return them to is a great way of increasing your bond with all of the characters. As you run about the Garreg Mach Monastery, you'll find all sorts of different items, from a wedge of cheese to a bottle perfume. 

Losing something important to you is never fun, so really you're doing a lot of good work by finding and returning these items, and it comes with the added bonus of quickly improving your relationships. Sometimes the obvious recipient isn't always right, though, and it can be confusing at times to know just who you should give it to. Thankfully we're here to give all the tips you need to find and return the Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items.

How to find Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items

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Throughout the Persona-like segments where you walk around Gregg Mach Monastery you'll come across little glowing spots on the ground, in bushes, and on various pieces of furniture. Those spots are all pickups including fish hooks, ingredients, various other items, and lost items. You should always jog over to these spots and quickly grab whatever it is. There is no reason not to. 

As soon as you pick a lost item up you'll get a prompt about who might have dropped it (if it's not a lost item it'll just tell you what it is). They'll say things like "from someone who loves weight training" or "a tea aficionado" that give you a hint as to who the lost item belongs to. The bundle of dry hemp, for example, goes to someone who is "skilled with a bow," which could mean someone like Ashe or Bernadette. (Hint: It's Bernadette)

Speak to people to return Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items

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Once you find an item all you'll have to do is walk around the monastery and try to find who it belongs to. All you'll need to do is walk up to someone, talk to them, choose the lost item menu selection, and then choose an item. If you're right the character will thank you and you'll get a bond boost and if you're wrong they'll say it's not theirs. Some rejections are a tad more rude than others, I'm just trying to do a good deed for Pete's sake!

Outside those rude comments, there isn't a downside to trying to return an item to someone besides the rightful owner. So if you're confused by a specific item just try and go down the list to whoever you think it might belong to. It might be painful to hear rejections over and over, it just makes things a bit easier. 

Take a screenshot to help you return Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items

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If you're committed to recruiting certain characters in Three Houses, use the Nintendo Switch's screenshot feature to capture a picture of those likes and dislikes. It'll help you remember everything needed to recruit characters and return lost items. It's important to track the likes and dislikes of each character you want to recruit. Most of these traits show up at the beginning of the game before you choose a house and can be seen, through context, in conversation and support dialogue later on.

Find all the Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items before the time jump

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Once you get to the twenty-hour mark in Three Houses the story jumps ahead five years. It's only natural that the monastery would change over an amount of time like that meaning many of the characters will no longer be there. Once they leave you'll lose the opportunity to return lost items and recruit them. If you choose the Blue Lions, for example, then students you don't recruit from the Black Eagles and Golden Deer will be gone.

Lost items don't leave your lost item inventory after the time jump so you'll want to solve that mini-mystery if you're obsessive about completing everything in the game. If you're not interested in recruiting or learning more about a certain character then don't worry, there isn't much of a reason to return their items anyway. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses lost items locations and months

Certain lost items only appear in certain months. They'll always be there at least so if you miss anything you can just try and grab it the second time around. Just remember the time jump though as some people aren't around any more to receive anything you might find. Here's a month by month list of every Fire Emblem: Three Houses item. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 ItemLocationOwner
1GUARDIAN MOONRow 0 - Cell 2 Row 0 - Cell 3
2Light Purple VeilGreenhouseManuela
3Lovely CombGreenhouseDorothea
4Pegasus HorseshoesStablesIngrid
5Introduction to MagicFishing PondAlois
6Weathered CloakEntrance HallCatherine
7Noseless PuppetKnight's HallGilbert
8Iron Cooking PotKnight's HallDedue
9Training LogbookKnight's HallDimitri
10Letter to the GoddessGolden Deer ClassroomIgnatz
11Handmade Hair ClipGolden Deer ClassroomHilda
12Unfinished ScoreBlue Lions ClassroomAnnette
13Snapped Writing QuillSecond Floor Advisory RoomSet
14Animated BaitSecond Floor LibraryLinhardt
15Toothed DaggerTraining GroundsFelix
16Animal Bone DiceTraining GroundsShamir
17Bag of SeedsCathedralMarianne
18Dusty Book of FablesCathedralFlayn
19Row 18 - Cell 1 Row 18 - Cell 2 Row 18 - Cell 3
20PEGASUS MOONRow 19 - Cell 2 Row 19 - Cell 3
21New Bottle of PerfumeReception HallLysithea
22Wax DiptychDining HallAnnette
23Maintenance OilDining HallFerdinand
24Annotated DictionaryDining HallPetra
25Grounding CharmDining HallCaspar
26Silk HandkerchiefGolden Deer ClassroomLorenz
27The History of SrengBlue Lions ClassroomSylvain
28Moon Knight's TaleCathedralAshe
29Hedgehog CaseGraveyardBernadetta
30Row 29 - Cell 1 Row 29 - Cell 2 Row 29 - Cell 3
31GARLAND MOON Row 30 - Cell 2 Row 30 - Cell 3
32Wooden FlaskSceond Floor LobbyJeralt
33Sketch of a SigilSecond Floor HallwayHanneman
34White GloveBlack Eagle ClassroomEdelgard
35School of Sorcery BookDining HallAnnette
36Hand Drawn MapDining Hall GardensLeonie
37Wooden ButtonTraining GroundsRaphael
38Tattered OvercoatTraining GroundsCaspar
39Row 38 - Cell 1 Row 38 - Cell 2 Row 38 - Cell 3
40BLUE SEA MOONRow 39 - Cell 2 Row 39 - Cell 3
41Artificial FlowerPathway North of Knight's HallLorenz
42Used Bottle of PerfumeMarketplaceHilda
43Confessional LetterStablesMarianne
44Bag of Tea LeavesBlack Eagles ClassroomFerdinand
45Wellness HerbsSecond Floor InfirmaryManuela
46Mysterious NotebookHoly Mausoleum Entrance, CathedralAlois
47Thunderbrand ReplicaTraining GroundsCaspar
48Badge of GraduationTraining GroundsCatherine
49Noxious HandkerchiefTraining GroundsHubert
50Row 49 - Cell 1 Row 49 - Cell 2 Row 49 - Cell 3
51VERDANT MOONRow 50 - Cell 2 Row 50 - Cell 3
52Curry CombEntrance HallIngrid
53Unused LipstickReception HallSylvain
54Exotic FlowerReception HallPetra
55Sword Belt FragmentTraining HallFelix
56Needle and Thread1st Floor Dormitories, outside Bernadetta's RoomBernadetta
57Portrait of RheaHallway, 2nd Floor Dormitories Cyril
58Feather PillowDining HallLinhardt
59Encyclopedia of SweetsGolden Deer ClassroomLysithea
60Art BookCathedralIgnatz
61Row 60 - Cell 1 Row 60 - Cell 2 Row 60 - Cell 3
62HORSEBOW MOONRow 61 - Cell 2 Row 61 - Cell 3
63Agricultural SurveyStablesFerdinand
64Antique ClaspFishing PondFlayn
65Silver NecklaceEntrance HallGilbert
66Silver BroochOfficer's Academy CourtyardDorothea
67Spotless BandageGolden Deer ClassroomHilda
68Hammer and ChiselSecond FloorHanneman
69How to Bake SweetsCathedralMercedes
70Bundle of HerbsCathedralAshe
71Gardening ShearsTraining GroundsDedue
72Black Leather GlovesTraining GroundsDimitri
73Row 72 - Cell 1 Row 72 - Cell 2 Row 72 - Cell 3
74WYVERN MOONRow 73 - Cell 2 Row 73 - Cell 3
75How to Be TidyStablesMarianne
76Bundle of Dry HempMarketplaceShamir
77Jousting AlmanacEntrance HallIngrid
78Small Tanned HideReception HallPetra
79Black Iron SpurDining HallFelix
80Burlap Sack of RocksDining HallRaphael
81Letter to RheaTraining GroundsCatherine
82Row 81 - Cell 1 Row 81 - Cell 2 Row 81 - Cell 3
83RED WOLF MOONRow 82 - Cell 2 Row 82 - Cell 3
84A Treatsie on EtiquitteEntrance HallLorenz
85The Saints RevealedReception HallLinhardt
86Crumpled Love LetterKnight's HallSylvain
87Still Life Picture1st Floor DormitoryBernadetta
88Songstress PosterOfficer's AcademyDorothea
89Unfinished FableSecond Floor Advisory RoomSeteth
90Clean Dusting Cloth Second Floor InfirmaryManuela
91Well Used HatchetDining Hall GardensCyril
92Crude ArrowheadsDining Hall BalconyLeonie
93Foreign Gold CoinFishing PondAlois
94Old Map of EnbarrFishing PondFlayn
95Fruit PreservesCathedralMercedes
96Row 95 - Cell 1 Row 95 - Cell 2 Row 95 - Cell 3
97ETHERAL MOONRow 96 - Cell 2 Row 96 - Cell 3
98Evil-Repelling AmuletFishing PondAshe
99Centipede PictureStablesShamir
100Big SpoonDining HallRaphael
101Princess DollReception HallLysithea
102Blue StoneGolden Deer ClassroomIgnatz
103Old Cleaning ClothSecond Floor LobbyCyril
104Carving HammerKnight's HallGilbert
105Lens ClothKnight's HallHanneman
106Book of Ghost StoriesEast Side of the CathedralMercedes
107Old Fishing RodSaint Statue Room in CathedralSeteth

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