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  • PS2 | Submitted by CheatPlanet

    Unlock the Best Weapon in the Game

    Zodiac Spear

    The most powerful weapon in the game has a trick that prevents players who have opened EVERY chest from getting it. There are 4 places with treasure chests that must NOT be opened in order for the Zodiac Spear to appear:

    1) Treasure chest in Lowtown, outside of Old Dalan's place

    2) When sneaking into the palace (Before getting the Goddess Tear), there are several chests in the Cellar. Do not open the two chests in the southeast corner.

    3) All treasure chests in the Confiscatory (the place where you get your weapons and armor back after being captured)

    4) In the Phon Coast, later in the game, there is an island with 16 chests all near each other. The 4th chest that must NOT be opened is among these, so it is best to leave them all alone. They only contain Gil anyway.

    If you've left all these treasures untouched, you'll find the Zodiac Spear in the Necrohol of Nabudis. It has +150 attack and, +8 Evasion.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ams271

    Dustia Chaining

    Dalmalsca Westerlands (The Corridor of Sands)

    First of all make sure you have at least 10 phoenix down. You should do this in the beginning before the fete. Technically if you level up Vaan to any level using this technique than Balthier and Fran will be plus 1 of his level. Now Dustia gives you around 1000 XP every time you kill him, but he only appears if you have 10 percent hp left. For more help watch this video, but the phoenix down will kill Dustia if you throw it at the monster. Also they drop flame staffs that have 33 Strength and sell for 1200 and Books of Orgains that sell for around 500-600 gil... It basically gives you gil and money.. The Gil can buy you more phoenix down meaning more gil and leveling! The link is:

  • PS2 | Submitted by Raul Caballero(rr1129)

    Level up Faster with an Ester


    If you obtain an Ester you can level up ONE character 3 times faster. If you obtain an ester (I would recommend that the first Ester you get you put it on Vaan because he is the most important character so far)If you train with the Ester you get 3x what you normally get of exp. The bad side about it is that you can only choose one person to permanently be the only one to be able to summon the Ester.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Raul Caballero(rr1129)

    Get More Money with Loot


    If you are near the Jahara or anywere there are chocobos, you can win more money. What you do is kill chocobos and they will drop chocobo feathers. These FEATHERS are practically one of the most expensive loot items. If you sell them you will win about 800 gil. They are pretty easy to get too, so gather some up and get a lot of money.

Final Fantasy XII Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Vaan XXI

    Fishing Mini Game

    Do the following objectives to unlock other fishing zones:

    Middle Reaches: Obtain Perfect 5 times in Lower Reaches.
    Upper Reaches: Obtain Perfect 5 times in Middle Reaches.
    Secret Reaches: Fish the Saboten Bond in Upper Reaches with Matamune
    Secret Reaches: Fish the Saboten Crest in secret reaches.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Sky Pirate's Den Figurines

    Ashe - Have the average party level over 50.
    Ba'Gamnan - Complete the hunt catalog.
    Balthier - Awarded for attacking 300 times.
    Basch - Kill 500 foes.
    Belias - Obtain every esper.
    Carrot - Defeat the monster, Carrot.
    Chocobo - Walk50,000 steps.
    Crystal - Obtain every character's magics.
    Daran - Complete every map.
    Death Gaze - Defeat the monster, Death Gaze.
    Devil Dragon - Defeat the monster, Devil Dragon.
    Fafnir - Defeat the monster, Fafnir.
    Fran - Use magic 200 times.
    Gabranth - Initiate every fusion technique.
    Gilgamesh - Defeat the monster, Gilgamesh.
    Gurdy - Use/spend 1,000,000 gil.
    King Behemoth - Defeat the monster, King Behemoth.
    Larsa - Master every character's license board.
    Migelo - Sell 1000 loot.
    Mimic - Obtain every rare bazaar goods.
    Montblanc - Attain (monster) chain level 50.
    Penelo - Awarded for getting 100,000 gil.
    Reks - Earn 500,000 clan points.
    Trickster - Defeat the monster, Trickster.
    Ultima - Defeat the esper, Ultima.
    Vaan - Awarded for stealing 50 times from enemies.
    Vayne - Use techniques 100 times.
    Vossler - Obtain every character's techniques.
    Yazmat - Defeat the monster, Yazmat.
    Zodiac - Defeat the esper, Zodiac.