Final Fantasy Tactics director encourages fans begging for a remake to give Unicorn Overlord their support: "The market for tactical RPGs is small"

Unicorn Overlord
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The director of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre has once again rejected revival demands, suggesting fans simply play Unicorn Overlord instead.

Yasumi Matsuno is no stranger to fan demands. The Final Fantasy Tactics director has been answering pleas for a remaster or sequel to the original tactics RPG for what feels like forever now. This time, all it took for the demands to once again resurface was Matsuno simply tweeting out a picture of his copy of Unicorn Overlord, as seen below.

The responses are full of people pleading with Matsuno for a remaster or sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics. "I'm counting down the days until Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Tactics, on which day I'll be the happiest person in the world," writes one Twitter user. "Make a new gem, please. Much time since FFXII, Matsuno-sensei," adds another.

In response to all this, Matsuno tells people to please go and play Unicorn Overlord instead. "It's nice of you to say that, but first, let's play 'Unicorn Overlord.' I pray that sales of this new simulation RPG will exceed one million copies," he writes in response to one Twitter user. "Well, calm down. How about trying to play this 'Unicorn Overload' for now?" another tweet from Matsuno reads.

Back in December, Matsuno told fans there were "no plans" for a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster, but he's been fielding questions like this for far longer than just the past few months. Earlier that year in June, Matsuno inadvertently added fuel to the remaster speculation fires by asking a fan what they'd want fixed in a potential Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster.

You can see how Matsuno would be a little sick of this by now, and why he's telling people to "calm down." As for Unicorn Overlord though, the new strategy RPG is so popular that developer Atlus has had to apologize for the lack of stock in Japan. Maybe it'll be so popular around the world that Matsuno's hopes of it selling one million copies will be achieved. 

Unicorn Overlord has been in development for so long that Atlus ran out of money at the tail end of development, just like it did with its previous game - 2019's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Let's hope Unicorn Overlord's strong word of mouth and glowing reviews can lead it to recoup the development costs Atlus has already sunk into it.

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