Final Fantasy Tactics dev adds fuel to remaster rumour with a very specific response to a fan

Final Fantasy Tactics
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A Final Fantasy Tactics developer posted a weird response to a fan query on Twitter, as speculation about a possible remaster continues to swirl.

If you're not familiar with the rumblings surrounding the 1997 Square Enix classic, it's been rumored for a remaster for a fair few years now. The rumors seemingly stem from an Nvidia leak back in 2021, where the manufacturer listed unannounced games for release, which it then tried to downplay as pure speculation.

Whether the leak was speculation or something more concrete, Yasumi Matsuno has only added more fuel to the fire. The designer on the original Final Fantasy Tactics responded to a fan asking about a remaster, and rather than just downplaying the whole thing, the designer post an intriguing "what if" question.

In short, the developer asked the fan if they'd want the overpowered classes from the original to be left overpowered in a potential remaster, or refined. Patching wasn't a thing back in the 90s (for those younglings who don't know), and so broken elements like a class in a Final Fantasy game would forever remain that way.

The Twitter user actually responded that yes, Square Enix should remedy the broken classes, as "Thunder God Cid" resembles Chuck Norris, and Matsuno thanked them for the feedback. Perhaps there's a sticky note at Square Enix HQ reading "Cid + Chuck Norris = Bad" somewhere.

It's a tantalizing question for Matsuno to propose to a fan, and only increases speculation about a Final Fantasy Tactics remaster. The original game is widely beloved among an older generation of Square Enix players, and so it'd be brilliant to have an updated version of it for a newer audience, just like Tactics Ogre received last year.

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