Final Fantasy 16 pre-load will go live tomorrow

Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy 16's pre-load period has been revealed, and it's coming roughly two days before launch.

Earlier today on June 19, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy 16's pre-load period would begin tomorrow on June 20 for everyone on PS5. To be precise, that's at midnight later today, but it's currently not clear if that's midnight for every region around the world, or just in Japan.

Given that the tweet is from Final Fantasy 16's Japan-facing Twitter page, it might be wise to assume it's the latter. Perhaps Final Fantasy 16's pre-load time will be different for players around the world instead of aligning at once for every region and kicking off at the same time.

If Final Fantasy 16 is anything like other major console exclusives and big games, we could be looking at a pretty hefty file size for the new action-RPG. You might want to check up on your PS5 as early as possible tomorrow to see if it's available to pre-load.

At the same time, the day one patch for Final Fantasy 16 will launch. The patch will mainly remedy two bugs - one of which stopped progression, and the other of which caused a game crash - as well provide some neat performance and stability improvements right at launch.

It's a bit of a notable change in stance from Final Fantasy 16's dev team, as they previously claimed the new game wouldn't need a day one patch. That was last month in May though, and game development is one turbulent ship, so the dev team is simply adapting to unforeseen problems.

Final Fantasy 16 launches later this week on June 22 exclusively for the PS5.

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