Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon VHS and TV locations


TV Set #1 - X:524.4, Y:391.5
Very easy to spot, next to the large statue.

TV Set #2 - X:537.1, Y:403.9
At one of the corners of the ruins, with two other TVs.

TV Set #3 - X:566.7, Y:397.0
Inside ruins near the water. If you're having trouble accessing it, try climbing to higher levels.

TV Set #4 - X:590.6, Y:381.9
You'll have to swim inside one of the underwater ruins. Look for a set of three TVs.

TV Set #5 - X:531.0, Y:339.9
Easy to spot since there's very little left of the ruins. Watch out for sharks.

TV Set #6 - X:457.5, Y:493.1
Sitting on the edge of one of the ruins. The collectable TV is sitting on top of another TV.

TV Set #7 - X:446.2, Y:469.8
At ruins sitting on the hillside. There are three columns surrounding the TV.

TV Set #8 - X:465.8, Y:447.7
Climb to the third level of these ruins. Walk inside to find the TVs in a room.

TV Set #9 - X:488.7, Y:466.9
Sitting at the corner of the ruins.

TV Set #10 - X:500.9, Y:495.0
Sitting on a low wall at the ruins.

TV Set #11 - X:506.8, Y:460.4
Found at ruins in a small valley. There might even be a shootout between scientists and cyborgs.

TV Set #12 - X:474.4, Y:417.9
In a doorway at the ruins. The TV is grouped with two other TVs.

TV Set #13 - X:494.0, Y.477.6
It'll be easy to spot at a campsite (with dead scientists) in the middle of the field.

TV Set #14 - X:498.5, Y:436.1
Sitting on a rock in the middle of a shallow creek.

TV Set #15 - X:436.8, Y:482.8
You'll find this TV inside a cave. You'll have to crouch at one point access the main part of the cave.

TV Set #16 - X:437.6, Y:510.7
At the lower level of the base, accessed through a cliffside walkway.