Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon VHS and TV locations


TV Set #17 - X:487.3, Y:401.8
There aren't any walls at these ruins so the TV is easy to spot.

TV Set #18 - X:446.9, Y:363.2
It's sitting on top of two TVs. To the right is a small altar.

TV Set #19 - X:452.4, Y:359.1
Sitting on a corner, the only part of the ruins where two walls meet.

TV Set #20 - X:491.7, Y:359.3
This TV is in one of the better preserved temples on the island. Once inside, climb up one level and look to the left.

TV Set #21 - X:477.5, Y:359.8
Go deep inside the temple and turn about three corners. You'll find the TV sitting amongst three coffins.

TV Set #22 - X:465.0, Y:384.8
You'll find this near a campsite. Specifically, the TV is sitting on the second level of a thick wall amongst the ruins.

TV Set #23 - X:423.7, Y:394.6
While this TV is underwater, it's very easy to spot. It's in a shallow crater of ruins.

TV Set #24 - X:496.6, Y:337.9
This one is also underwater. Look for it on a raised platform.

TV Set #25 - X:552.3, Y:467.3
At the exterior of the ruins. It's sitting next to a small flame altar.

TV Set #26 - X:536.7, Y:428.3
This one is sitting on a platform, surrounded by three other TVs.

TV Set #27 - X:563.9, Y:418.8
This TV is on the second level of some temple ruins. It's the TV surrounded by the creepy dolls.

TV Set #28 - X:587.5, Y:416.6
This TV is very hard to miss, right in front of the blood dragon bone display.

TV Set #29 - X:603.7, Y:448.3
This is among the four columns, surrounded by a bunch of other TVs.

TV Set #30 - X:580.2, Y:492.4
In these ruins, look for a pit. Jump inside to find some dead scientists and the TV.

TV Set #31 - X:549.0, Y:504.6
Look for the generic ruins. There are three other TVs near the collectable TV.

TV Set #32 - X:535.2, Y:453.7
This is one of the few TVs not found in one of the ruins. You'll find this are the top of a riverside outpost.