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Fall in love with Fall Guys' adorable new Red Panda costume

A bean dressed in a cute, fluffy panda costume is waving at you
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Surprise! Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has dropped a super cute costume for you to fall in love with this Valentine's Day.

"This Valentine's Day Fall Guys has fallen for the players with a heartfelt message and a special Valentine's Day gift!" states Mediatonic. "From today through February 16th, passionate players can deck their jelly bean out in the world's most adorable Red Panda costume."

And they're right - the Red Panda skin really is adorable. Although I'm not sure "gift" is quite the right word, as you'll need to spend 1000 kudos for each piece of the costume. 

To celebrate and get you in the lovey-dovey mood, the team has even released a romantic teaser that puts its own jellybean spin on that famous Love Actually scene:

If you like the look of it, don't hang about; you only have until Tuesday February 16 to grab it.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic says it is working to get the game available on "every major platform". Though the battle royale smash is currently only available on PS4, PS5 via backwards compatibility, and PC, rumours have consistently swirled about it coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles... partly because the Xbox Game Pass Instagram account recently said the game was coming to the service.

"We haven't said much about the roadmap for this, but what we can say is we want this to reach as many people as possible," Mediatonic co-founder Dave Bailey recently said. "We want it to come to every major platform, and we're working hard to achieve that."

As for crossplay? "If we do that right, that can be a superpower for other ambitions around original games," Bailey added.

While Fall Guys isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass just yet, we wouldn't give up hope, though. Xbox, Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital have all been very careful in how they're wording their responses, and while there's no official word just yet, after a runaway launch on PlayStation and Steam, it wouldn't be strange for Fall Guys to expand to a new platform. 

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