Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass, Devolver Digital says

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(Image credit: Mediatonic)

The Xbox Game Pass Instagram account recently said that Fall Guys is coming to the service, but the game's publisher, Devolver Digital, quickly shut down this claim on Twitter.

Responding to one follower's reply, the Game Pass account simply said "it's coming" with regards to Fall Guys on Game Pass. The Verge reporter Tom Warren shared this exchange on Twitter and Devolver quickly responded to it, simply saying that "that's incorrect." In another reply, the publisher clarified that Fall Guys is not planned for the PC or Xbox version of Game Pass. 

The official Fall Guys Twitter also joined the conversation, so there's clearly no confusion between developer Mediatonic and Devolver. In a separate tweet, the Fall Guys account explained that "there has been a bit of a mixup – Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass." Xbox has seemingly deleted its original Instagram reply, but the Xbox Game Pass Twitter has not issued any sort of update. 

Communication breakdowns aside, while Fall Guys isn't coming to Xbox Game Pass, it's technically still possible that the game show battle royale is coming to Xbox itself based on the targeted wording of Devolver and Mediatonic's tweets. We don't have any official word on this, but after a runaway launch on PlayStation and Steam, it wouldn't be strange for Fall Guys to expand to a new platform. That said, it would be strange for the Game Pass Instagram to mention a general Xbox release. We've reached out to Devolver and Mediatonic representatives for more information and will update our reporting if we hear back. 

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