Fall Guys is giving away free crowns if you take a survey about the future of the game

Fall Guys
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Fall Guys is giving away five free crowns for anyone who participates in a survey about the future of the game.

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The survey includes questions about age group, pronouns, how many Crown Wins you have, how often you play, Fall Guys Season 3 sentiments, and rating each of the seasons. It also also asks you to rank your favorite Season 3 rounds and costumes from this season, which include the Fall Guys charity contest costumes from Aim Lab, Ninja, Mr Beast and G2. 

After a selection of questions about previous season, the survey turns towards the "maybe distant future or the never gonna happen future". You can select the five most important features like ranked leagues, time trials, voice/video chat, private lobbies, and more. Then the survey asks about future platforms - considering Fall Guys is currently only playable on PC and PlayStation, this could be pointing towards new playable platforms in the future. 

You must be 13-years-old to complete the survey, and make sure you input your Fall Guys Support ID in order to get your free crowns. You can find your Support ID in-game by navigating to settings, then clicking the profile button, then selecting "Reveal Support ID".  According to the official Fall Guys Twitter, expect to see crowns gifted "within a week of submitting the survey" but "please leave a little extra time for the weekends" as "that's when we all paint rocks, carve soap, and do competitive dog grooming."

While I wouldn't read too much into the survey questions, it's interesting to see Mediatonic's focuses for the future of Fall Guys. More platforms would obviously increase the player base, and an option for video or voice chat would make it even more streamable. We shall see which of these features (if any) make their way into the game.

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