Fall Guys Season 3 adding gold skins and crown ranks for the falliest of guys

Fall Guys Season 3
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys Season 3 is out *checks notes* tomorrow, and on top of a bunch of wintry skins and levels, it's adding a new crown rank feature which will award the truly competitive beans with exclusive cosmetics including golden skins.

Mediatonic designer Joe Walsh unveiled crown ranks in a new PlayStation Blog post, and the game's official Twitter described them as the "secret feature" that has long been hinted at for season three. Crown ranks are essentially a dedicated way to track how many games you've won, and as you win crowns and gain ranks, you'll unlock new colors, patterns, and golden versions of skins. We've seen four gold skins so far: the chicken, wolf, hot dog, and knight. I wouldn't mess with a gold hot dog, that's all I'm saying.

Unlike seasonal rewards, crown rank loot will remain constant between seasons, which is probably a good thing since it will keep the high-end loot constant and give new players a chance to earn any gold skins they see out in the wild. As the Fall Guys Twitter confirmed, crown ranks will work retroactively, so any existing wins on your account will count. However, it seems that "nobody has the top amount of crowns yet," meaning some crown rank cosmetics are still out of reach. 

Crown ranks were revealed alongside a sneak peek at the new Freezy Peak, as well as a teaser for a skin tie-in with Amazon Prime Gaming. Season 3 looks jam-packed with ways to customize your bean and obstacles to hurl them through, so the crown rank ladder race ought to be fun to watch. 

Here are some Fall Guys tips to help you earn those crown ranks. 

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