Fall Guys season 3 brings 7 new levels, 30+ new skins, and "many more festive surprises"

Fall Guys Season 3 costumes
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Mediatonic has dropped more details about what we can expect from Fall Guys season 3 when it rolls out on December 15.

"Season 3 will add 7 new levels, 30+ news skins, and 'many more festive surprises yet to be revealed'", Mediatonic revealed in a tweet over the weekend. It also shared some of the details with IGN, including a preview of upcoming levels that create that "right level of chaos", according to level designer J.J. Juson, who reckons season 3's obstacles are "the most exciting yet".

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The developer also revealed that it's been "working on a feature" to allow "a small number of streamers to host private Fall Guys shows for their audiences". 

"In future Seasons, we hope to expand this - rolling it out to more people and adding new ways to play - potentially ways with less than 40 people," Mediatonic added.

The news comes not long after Mediatonic dropped details of four wonderfully festive costumes, including what appears to be a yeti, a candle, a princess(?), and a super cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer costume, too.

The new content drop comes after its success at the recent  2020 Game Awards, where it was nominated for Best Indie, Best Multiplayer, and Best Family Game, and won Best Community Support.

Adorable game show battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout recently passed 11 million copies sold on PC alone, with developer Mediatonic confirming that it's become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus freebie of all time. 

As Austin reported at the time, the big figures were announced as part of Mediatonic's 15th-anniversary celebration, which has become especially momentous thanks to Fall Guy's explosive popularity. Its PC sales figures are staggering, and launching as a free PS Plus game also buoyed its popularity and accessibility as well, turning it into a viral hit. 

Fall Guys recently won best multiplayer game and best family game at the 2020 Golden Joysticks, and secured best community support at 2020 Game Awards, too. The beans are going strong, and they aren't going anywhere. 

Here are some Fall Guys tips to help you get your first crown. 

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