Fall Guys has sold over 11 million copies on PC and is now the most downloaded PS Plus game

Adorable game show battle royale Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout recently passed 11 million copies sold on PC alone, and developer Mediatonic also confirmed that it's become the most downloaded PlayStation Plus freebie of all time. 

The big figures were announced as part of Mediatonic's 15th anniversary celebration, which has become especially momentous thanks to Fall Guy's explosive popularity. Its PC sales figures are staggering, and launching as a free PS Plus game also buoyed its popularity and accessibility as well, helping it evolve into a viral hit. That said, Mediatonic has other titles and milestones to celebrate with over 130 games under its belt, including the remarkably engrossing Murder by Numbers.  

Fall Guys is still Mediatonic's hottest game, so it was obviously a focus for the festivities. The studio didn't reveal a total player count that includes PlayStation users, but it did confirm that over 545 million Fall Guys beans were eliminated in September alone. Meanwhile, August – the month that the game was released – featured roughly 113 million hours worth of Fall Guys Twitch viewership. Wouldn't you know it: Fall Guys is big. 

Fall Guys recently won best multiplayer game and best family game at the 2020 Golden Joysticks, and it's up for the same categories as well as best indie and best community support at the upcoming 2020 Game Awards. Its third season, Winter Knockout, is also hot off its reveal and should arrive just in time for Christmas. The beans are going strong, and they aren't going anywhere. 

New to the falling of guys? Here are some Fall Guys tips to help you get your first crown. 

Austin Wood

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