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Fall Guys adds Mario 64 easter egg that lets you drop penguins off cliffs

Fall Guys
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys seems to have added a Super Mario 64 easter egg reminding us all that we're pretty terrible people.

Remember the Cool, Cool Mountain level from Mario 64? Remember the adorable baby penguin that couldn't find its mom? You know, the one whose cries still haunt your dreams because you dropped it off a cliff for the sake of entertainment at the expense of a forever broken penguin family?

Well, Fall Guys remembers. Mediatonic hasn't said a whole lot about what's coming in update 3.5, but we now know that you'll be able to drop penguins off cliffs. Fall Penguins. The studio doesn't explicitly call this a Mario 64 easter egg, but I'm struggling to think of another game that's elicited this very savage and specific impulse, or as Mediatonic calls it, THE THING™.

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Of course, I myself would never think of dropping a penguin off a cliff. I only hope that this new... feature will distract enough evil Fall Guys players that I'll finally be able to make it past three rounds.

Fall Guys season 3 kicked off in December with seven festive new levels, more than 30 new skins, and a bunch more. For the time being, the game is only available on PlayStation and PC, but publisher Devolver Digital definitely hasn't ruled out Switch and Xbox versions. The Instagram account for Xbox Game Pass sparked some confusion today when it suggested Fall Guys was coming to the subscription service, but Devolver Digital has since responded by saying simply, "that's incorrect."

If you don't want to fall like that poor, innocent baby penguin, don't miss our essential Fall Guys tips for surviving 30 rounds and winning the crown.

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