Either Fable 4 is coming soon or someone at Xbox's Mixer is messing with us

We've consulted our USB-powered crystal balls, and we think Fable 4 could be one of the E3 2019 games announcements from team Xbox. If you don't trust our psychic powers, then you might want to take a look at this latest Mixer update, which lists Fable 4 right there in the search results. Now, nothing’s there at the moment, but Mixer is Microsoft's official streaming service, so it's unlikely the listing would be in there unless they were anticipating Fable 4's arrival sometime soon. 

Fable 4 has yet to be officially announced, but reports from games industry insiders suggest that UK studio Playground Games - home of the Forza Horizon series - has been working on it. Of course,  the studio that created Fable, Lionhead, closed in 2016. The last Lionhead Fable game was Fable: Legends, a disastrous attempt to make the narratively rich open-world game into a free-to-play co-op game. Fable 3 art director and Lionhead veteran John McCormack even revealed that his pitch for a grittier Fable 4 had been turned down in favor of Fable Legends. Since then Fable Fortune, a free-to-play card game, has been released.

In 2017, after the Lionhead closure, Xbox boss Phil Spencer certainly hinted that he hadn't given on up the series. 

One thing is for sure, and that's that Fable 4 would be the perfect mix of old and new if it was announced as an Xbox Project Scarlett launch title. 

Microsoft's Xbox E3 2019 showcase will take place on Sunday, June 9 at 1:00 pm PT, 4pm ET and 9pm UK time, and if we're going to get an official announcement it'll be there. We'll bring you all the news from the show, and any other leaks that spring before then. 

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Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

Rachel Weber is the US Managing Editor of GamesRadar+ and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She joined GamesRadar+ in 2017, revitalizing the news coverage and building new processes and strategies for the US team.