Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies, and games (May 27-June 2)

1. What new breed of psychopath will Layers of Fear 2 bring us?

If you missed out on the original Layers of Fear and its disturbing, yet brilliant, narrative, then I have good news for you. Well, if you can call a brand new horror game with a penchant for twisted souls 'good' news, anyway. Layers of Fear 2 has just hit consoles (although not Switch yet, despite the original's late debut on Ninty's hybrid), and it's ready to tell a new tale of woe and weirdness. It centers around a Golden Age Hollywood actor who heeds the call of an enigmatic film director in a film that's being shot aboard a mysterious ocean liner. The original game told a story about a painter, and told the story through the medium of a creepy, transforming house, and a series of paintings. This sequel though will use the history of cinema as a means of storytelling, and you can bet that ship is going to be full of scares aplenty. Plus, it's a lot longer than the original game, so time to settle in on the edge of your seat. Sam Loveridge

What: Layers of Fear 2
Where: PS4, Xbox One, PC
When: Out now

2. Blood and Truth is out on May 28, and it could teach console FPSs a helluva lot about guns 

Blood and Truth is a full-length PSVR game about London, gangsters, and a ridiculous amount of guns. After London Heist came out as part of VR Worlds and turned out to be waaaay too short for most people's tastes, Sony has given it a full-game treatment and boy, does it play good. The way that it deals with guns especially is awe-inspiring, as depending on how you use the move controllers you can steady an SMG against your shoulder, dual-wield pistols, and even use minute movements to pick your way through tricky locks. When it comes out there's a good chance that a ton of devs will be playing it, and hopefully learning lessons from the way it makes guns feel so damned good. And if you're in need of a virtual pick-me-up, you absolutely need to try it. Trust me. 

What: Blood and Truth
Where: PSVR
When: May 28

3. Good Omens finds heartwarming humor in matters of Heaven, Hell, and the Antichrist

They say opposites attract, which is always the basis for good buddy comedy - even when it comes to an agent of God teaming up with one of Satan's minions. Good Omens, based on the 1990 novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, features an amazing Heaven/Hell bromance between the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and the dashing demon Crowley (David Tennant). The unlikely duo must locate the missing Antichrist in order to prevent the Apocalypse and save their now-beloved Earth. It's been said that Good Omens was long thought to be an unadaptable book, just like A Song of Ice and Fire - so while this Amazon Prime show is much more lighthearted, it might just fill that Game of Thrones-shaped hole in your life. And even if it doesn't, it still looks to be a contender for one of the best shows on Amazon Prime.

What: Good Omens season 1
Where: Amazon Prime
When: May 31

4. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the only action spectacle that could follow Endgame

Moviegoing audiences in this post-Avengers: Endgame world may feel listless and full of despair; there are only so many times you can go back and re-watch the summer blockbuster to beat. How could anything possibly follow the three-hour conclusion to more than a decade of superpowered storytelling? Easy! Trade out the wisecracking heroes for world-destroying kaiju. Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the sequel to Godzilla (2014) and it occupies the same cinematic universe as Kong: Skull Island, but you don't need to have seen either to appreciate it. All you need to know is that Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and even frickin' King Ghidorah (you know, the three-headed dragon) all ramming into each other and thoroughly dethroning humanity as the Earth's apex predators is all you need to know.

What: Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Where: Movie theaters everywhere
When: May 31, 2019

5. Explore your mommy issues with a new horror movie called Ma

The latest horror movie from the increasingly impressive Blumhouse portfolio is Ma, starring Octavia Spencer and Juliette Lewis. New kid in town Maggie asks stranger Sue Ann to help buy her friends some adult beverages, and she invites them back to her basement, asks them to call her Ma, and it all goes  very cautionary tale from there. There's a dark pleasure in seeing Spencer, so often cast in sensible, kindly roles, allowed to let loose as a total maniac. Here's hoping for a sequel called Grandma. 

What: Ma
Where: Movie theaters everywhere
When: May 31

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