Extraction 2 confirmed with Chris Hemsworth back as Tyler Rake

Spoilers for Extraction, the Chris Hemsworth starring actioner that was reportedly watched by 90 million households within its first month on Netflix: the main character, Tyler Rake, seemingly dies. "Seemingly" is now the operative word, as the streamer has confirmed that Tyler survives the events of the first movie and will appear in the upcoming sequel, Extraction 2.

Hemsworth showed up during Netflix's Tudum fan event to confirm the news that #RakeLives. Sam Hargrave returns to direct, while Joe Russo is back to script the second Extraction movie. 

The first Extraction ended on an ambiguous note with a mysterious man returning and his image blurry. A sequel could have gone either way with the character, but the new announcement puts to bed any rumors of a prequel.

"There was always a simple drive to the story, a balletic execution of action where you take a damaged character who made an egregious mistake in the past and has a shot at redemption which might be fatal," Russo said of writing the sequel. "What was key is that we needed a muscular action director like Sam [Hargrave] to be the main creative force in the execution of the action."

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