Exclusive: Yoda's iconic weapon joins Star Wars Lightsaber Forge

Star Wars: Yoda #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics / Lucasfilm)

A Yoda Lightsaber Forge toy is on the way, meaning you'll be able to claim - and customize - the weapon of one of the most beloved Jedi Masters before long.

Available this Summer, GamesRadar+ can exclusively reveal the Star Wars: Lightsaber Forge Yoda Electronic Green Lightsaber. Recreating the tiny Jedi Master's weapon as a fully customizable toy, it comes in multiple (universally compatible) parts so that you can mix and match pieces from the entire Lightsaber Forge range. Throw in a few batteries and the extendable blade (which telescopes out, old-school style) will light up.

Star Wars: Lightsaber Forge Yoda Electronic Green Lightsaber will retail for $27.99. You can find pictures showing off the toy in all its glory below.

As we mentioned in our guide on whether you should buy Star Wars Lightsaber Forge, that level of customization (literally all of the pieces can be removed and swapped over with other ones) allows imaginations to run wild. And because they're all compatible with one another, you can theoretically do anything from changing parts of the hilt to swapping in a different handle so that it's double-bladed... if you have the right parts, anyway In other words, it's a pretty good fit if you're looking for Star Wars gifts for younger fans of a galaxy far, far away.

While this might not appeal to the older collector crowd, there are alternatives for that. Namely, Hasbro has a line of hyper-realistic sabers for display and use with numerous lighting effects. You can get an idea of what they're able to do with our Darth Vader Force FX Elite Lightsaber review.

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