An "erotic thriller" spin-off to M3GAN announced, and it sounds like Black Mirror meets Ex Machina

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It looks like Blumhouse’s M3GAN is getting an older, more risque, sister as the studio announces another movie in the AI doll universe. 

Blumhouse and Atomic Monster are developing the new movie, titled Soulm8te, which will expand on the M3GAN universe and act as an "erotic thriller with a technological twist," as reported by Variety. The movie is set to release on January 2, 2026, and will be directed by You Are Not My Mother’s Kate Dolan. 

The movie, which sounds like a mash-up of A24’s Ex Machina and Netflix’s Black Mirror, follows a man who "acquires an Artificially Intelligent android to cope with the loss of his recently deceased wife," as per the film’s synopsis. "In an attempt to create a truly sentient partner, he inadvertently turns a harmless lovebot into a deadly soulmate."

In a statement, Dolan described the film as an exploration of "relationships and loneliness," adding, "Despite technological advances, there are enduring human truths we cannot escape, and I am looking forward to delving into those depths." The story is by Dolan, Rafael Jordan, Ingrid Bisu, and horror legend James Wan. An official cast list has not been revealed at this time. 

Blumhouse found major success in 2023 with their killer AI doll movie M3GAN which debuted to impressive reviews and a box office opening weekend much larger than expected. The movie draws on our real-life concern over AI advancement and follows a robotics engineer (Allison Williams) who gifts her niece (Violet McGraw) a life-sized AI doll named M3GAN, only to find that the doll has evil intentions. 

Now a sequel titled M3GAN 2.0 is on the way, scheduled to hit screens on January 17, 2025. The movie will welcome back screenwriter Akela Cooper, alongside stars Williams and McGraw. No plot details or wider cast list have been revealed just yet. 

Soulm8te hits theatres on January 2, 2026. For more, check out our list of the best horror movies, or keep up with upcoming horror movies heading your way this year.  

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