New Netflix sci-fi show compared to X-Men and Misfits lands first full trailer

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Netflix has had an incredible year for sci-fi shows from 3 Body Problem to Parasyte: The Grey. This June, the streamer is adding another one to the list with London-based superhero drama Supacell, which has just got its first adrenaline-pumping trailer. 

The trailer (which you can see below) opens up with protagonist Michael standing in front of a portal. "I went to the future, it wasn't a dream. I can't let her die," he says, before we learn that what he saw in the future was his girlfriend's death. Elsewhere, we meet four other super-abled individuals with glowing yellow eyes. As we see Michael grappling with a choice to either save his girlfriend’s life or many others, the other characters come to terms with their newfound powers. The trailer ends with the five individuals standing together, seemingly united.

Supacell | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Supacell | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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Soon after Netflix posted the clip to Twitter, fans were quick to share their excitement for the new sci-fi adventure, even likening it to other legendary British shows of the same nature. "Kinda feels like the lovechild of Project Power and Misfits, I'm down." replied one Twitter user, while another compared the upcoming show to a popular Marvel franchise, calling it a "British X-Men."

Set in South London, Supacell follows a group of five completely separate but normal people who suddenly develop superpowers that start to affect their everyday lives. Although the individuals started out as strangers, their newfound powers connect them, and in a Madame Web-like way, it is up to one man named Michael Lasaki to unite them together to face a powerful unknown entity who wants them dead. 

The six-part drama is directed by British rapper Rapman and Sebastian Thiel. The series stars Tosin Cole as Michael Lasaki, Nadine Mills, Josh Tedeku, Adelayo Adedayo, Eric Kofi-Abrefa, Giacomo Mancini, Rayxia Ojo, Calvin Demba, Travis Jay, Michael Salami, and Eddie Marsan.

Supacell premieres June 27 on Netflix. For more, check out our picks of movies and TV shows new to Netflix this June, or see our list of the best shows on Netflix available to stream right now. 

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