House of the Dragon star Ewan Mitchell talks Aemond and Daemon's rivalry: "There's almost a romantic element to it"

House of the Dragon
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Aemond and Daemon Targaryen have a lot in common – they ride two of the most fearsome dragons in Westeros, they have excellent hair, and they're also both pretty fixated on each other. 

It's Daemon's intention to get revenge on Aemond – at Rhaenyra's request, after the death of her son Lucerys in the season 1 finale – that leads to the horrific events of Blood and Cheese. Aemond was the target of the murder plot, though it was young Jaehaerys who ended up gruesomely losing his head (and whether Daemon gave the order for that particular killing is left deliberately ambiguous). 

So, how have Aemond's feelings towards Daemon changed in the aftermath of Blood and Cheese? According to Ewan Mitchell, who plays Aemond in the show, the obsession runs deep – symbolized by a coin Aemond finds after the murder, in the same place he'd been sitting just hours before. That coin was knocked to the floor by one of the killers, so it's proof of just how close Aemond came to death at Daemon's behest. 

"What he sees in that coin, everything it represents, that he picks up in episode 2: that idea that he's now worthy enough for Daemon Targaryen, who is considered the most badass man and fighter and dragon rider in the realm," Mitchell tells us. "The fact that he's now being pursued by Daemon, there's almost a romantic element to it for Aemond.

"That was something that I made sure to do, was to keep that coin on me at all times in season 2 after that moment," he adds. "Because Daemon ultimately lives rent free in Aemond's head."

House of the Dragon season 2 airs weekly on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW in the UK and HBO in the US. 

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