House of the Dragon's newest character has a big future ahead of him, according to George R.R. Martin's books

House of the Dragon
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House of the Dragon season 2 has introduced a new character named Addam of Hull – and, though he hasn't been a major player so far, we can expect a huge future ahead for him thanks to George R.R. Martin's Fire and Blood. 

Below, we break down who Addam of Hull is and what his story is in Martin's source material. Naturally, that means there are both spoilers for House of the Dragon season 2, episode 2 and Fire and Blood. Turn back now if you're not up to date! 

For everyone else, head to the below for all you need to know about House of the Dragon's newest character. 

Who is Addam of Hull in House of the Dragon? 

House of the Dragon

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Addam of Hull is introduced in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 2, and he is played by Clinton Liberty. We see him greet his brother Alyn, and later he watches a dragon fly overhead. So far, all we know about him is that he's a shipwright – and his brother Alyn rescued Corlys Velaryon, AKA the Sea Snake, from drowning. 

What is Addam of Hull's story in the book? *Spoilers* 

House of the Dragon

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It turns out that Addam and Alyn are both bastards of Velaryon descent. In Fire and Blood, it's disputed whether Corlys or Laenor Velaryon is their father, but we can make an educated guess that Corlys will turn out to be the dad in the show since Laenor is explicitly depicted as gay. 

During the course of the Dance of the Dragons, Rhaenyra's son Jacaerys calls for more dragon riders to aid the blacks, and, thanks to their Valyrian heritage, Addam and Alyn are candidates. Addam bonds with Seasmoke, who was previously Laenor's dragon. Soon after this, Rhaenyra legitimizes Addam and Alyn at Corlys's request, so Addam is then known as Addam Velayron – and he becomes heir to Driftmark. 

Now, this is where the major book spoilers kick in. In the war, Rhaenyra eventually takes King's Landing and reigns as queen. Addam and Seasmoke help guard the city. 

Later, a character named Ulf White and the blacksmith Hugh Hammer defect to the greens. Their actions put Addam under suspicion, and, though Coryls defends him, Rhaenyra orders Addam arrested. He's able to escape with Seasmoke. 

The greens are planning on marching on King's Landing, so Addam gathers an army of his own and fights back with 4,000 men. By attacking at night, they have the element of surprise against the greens, and both Hugh Hammer and Prince Daeron are killed in the skirmish. Addam, in the air on Seasmoke, is unaware that both have died, but he can see their dragons – and Ulf's Silverwing – still in play. 

Seasmoke and Daeron's dragon Tessarion battle, and, ultimately, Hugh's dragon Vermithor begins attacking everyone at random. Seasmoke and Vermithor then clash, with Addam thought to be trying to protect his men, even though it would mean his own death. Tessarion, Vermithor, and Seasmoke fight each other, and all three die. Addam is also killed. 

In the aftermath, the green forces retreat, meaning Addam was successful in protecting Rhaenyra and King's Landing – and proving his own loyalty. Alyn, who at this point is Lord of the Tides, has Addam buried, and his grave reads "LOYAL." 

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