Henry Cavill’s new Highlander reboot sets filming date, as director teases action inspired by his work on John Wick

Henry Cavill in The Witcher
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Henry Cavill’s next big fantasy adventure is one step closer to the big screen as the Highlander reboot gets a big filming update. The reimagining of the cult classic Scotland-set sci-fi adventure will start production in early 2025, according to director Chad Stahelski.

Speaking to Collider recently, the John Wick helmer gave a positive update on the reboot. "We start shooting in January in Scotland, that's why I go right after I leave," he said at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Malta. "I go to Scotland on Monday to do the final location scout."

Little is known yet about what the new version of Highlander will be like, but we’re guessing it will draw from the original premise of an immortal Scottish swordsman tasked with saving humanity. The first movie was released in 1986 and starred Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, the titular Highlander. A hit with viewers, it then became a franchise with animated movies, comics, TV shows, and several movie sequels. 

Stahelski added to Collider that he’ll be inspired by the action on the John Wick films, but is keen for it not to become one sword action scene after another. "I'll keep it to the core. Most audiences, I'll use the gun analogy, most of what you know about gunfights or car chases because most of us don't get involved in gun fights, or car chases, or sword fights, we learn through movies," he added.

"And what those movies show you is about 95% bullshit. You don't fight 50 guys with your bare hands and then walk away, but it's fun. It’s wish fulfillment. So John Wick, we know it's a cartoon – I know it's not – but we also have fun with it. But we do tactical reloads, we try to do fire manipulations, stuff like the professionals do, the military do. But then we have fun with it, you know? Sword work is very much the same."

Cavill too seems very keen on the upcoming adaptation, which sees him return to his fantasy sword-fighting roots after leaving The Witcher last year. He previously teased how the movie was shaping up in an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast

"What they’ve done so far and we’re doing with the development of the script is extraordinary, I think people are going to be really, really pleased," the former Superman said. "Big swings are important, you play it safe, you’re going to just go, 'Eh, I suppose it’s fine?’ but if you take a big swing, people love it or they hate it."

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