One Piece season 2 is now filming, and Netflix has released a special BTS video to celebrate

One Piece
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Filming has officially begun on One Piece season 2 and to celebrate, Netflix has shared a cute, behind-the-scenes video of the cast heading out to Cape Town for the shoot.

"It's happening, Nakama!" the show's Twitter said, alongside a pirate flag emoji. "From around the world, our Straw Hats have reunited to begin filming their epic season 2 adventure!" Watch the featurette below...

"Hey Siri, how do you get to South Africa?" Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy, who plays lead Monkey D. Luffy in the show, says in the clip, before he throws his guitar up onto his back, looks directly into the camera and adds, "here we go again".

Other stars assembling in the video include Mackenyu (Roronoa Zoro), travelling from Tokyo, Taz Skylar (Sanji), heading out from Las Vegas, and Jacob Romero (Usopp) and Emily Rudd (Nami), who are both swapping Los Angeles' beaches for the wooden deck of the Going Merry.

"To the Grand Line!" Godoy shouts, after the group reunite on the "ship", referencing the entire world-wrapping ocean route from the anime and manga series it was inspired by. 

Just recently, Netflix confirmed a whole bunch of names joining the show for season 2, including Warrior's Jazzara Jaslyn, Raised by Wolves' Daniel Lasker, and David Dastmalchian. All three mentioned are set to play members of the Baroque Works group, a criminal syndicate whose ultimate goal is to take over the Arabasta Kingdom.

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