Elden Ring overhaul mod adds new horse mounts that will make you the envy of everyone in The Lands Between

Elden Ring
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If you're taking on FromSoftware's latest action-RPG alone, you'll likely be spending a lot of time with Torrent, and if you fancy giving him a brand new look, you can now do just that thanks to the Elden Ring overhaul mod The Garden of Eyes. 

The mod's creators recently showed off their impressive array of alternative Torrent options on Twitter. One transforms our trusty steed into Elden Ring boss Fallingstar Beast, while another lets you use a fire horse that's the modders' own design. Now we're not saying that there's anything wrong with how Torrent looks normally, but there's no denying that riding around on one of these will make you the envy of everyone in The Lands Between. There's even the option to travel around on a mule like Merchant Kalé if that's how you like to roll. 

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This isn't just a simple reskin either, as each mount comes with its own unique effects and visuals. "[They] have completely unique animations when they are being summoned and when jumping, which also adds more to the identity of the mount, not just having it as a visual change," the modders explain in a video on The Garden of Eyes YouTube channel which also shows the new horses in action.

Elden Ring fans were quick to show their appreciation on Twitter. "One of the greatest things I've ever seen," said one, Another wrote, "I never knew how badly I needed a Fallingstar Beast mount until now." A third commented: "Okay, these are all great, but I got a little teary at the Kale one. It's so sweet. Can't imagine the effort y'all put into these. They're so cool."

As well as offering superb-looking mounts, The Garden of Eyes "aims to completely change the Elden Ring experience" with unique weapons and armour, new spells, new boss fights and a whole lot more. It's now available in Early Access on Patreon, and you can keep up to date with its progress by following The Garden of Eyes  Twitter account.

Elsewhere, FromSoftware recently released some new stats detailing what players have been up to so far in The Lands Between. Unsurprisingly, there's been a heck of a lot of killing, so much so that if everyone in the world played Elden Ring, we'd have defeated 24 enemies each.

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