If everyone in the world played Elden Ring, we'd have defeated 24 enemies each

Elden Ring
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If everyone in the world played Elden Ring, we'd have defeated 24 enemies each so far.

Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco has released an infographic chock full of stats on what we've been up to since first setting foot in the Lands Between. The data shared on the publisher's official website shows that 197 billion enemies have been felled by players. It's an astounding number, and according to the publisher's calculations equates to 24 foes defeated for every person on the planet.  

What's also interesting is the enemies that players have been killing the most. While you might expect it to be Elden Ring's most common assailants or those that appear earliest in the game, the ones meeting their end at the hands of a Tarnished most frequently are the cute frog-like Albinaurics. The club-wielding variety has been killed a whopping 9.4 billion times, while Albinaurics armed with a curved sword came third in the list of most felled enemies with 3.4 million. Putrid Corpses of the magical variety that roam around the graveyard of the Raya Lucaria Academy were second, having been killed 8.9 billion times.

It's a pretty surprising list, but it's not like players have a seething hatred for Albinaurics; rather, their high death count stems from the fact they don't put up much of a fight and drop a generous amount of runes when defeated. Unfortunately for the little guys, this makes them the perfect enemy to farm if you're looking to level up fast. It's certainly not the most moral approach, but if you can live with the guilt of offing these near-defenceless creatures, it's definitely an effective one.

Elsewhere, the infographic shows that players have participated in nearly 82 million Colosseum battles, while 11.7 million have managed to acquire the Dark Moon Greatsword. 38.6 million players have regretted their choices and opted to accept rebirth from Rennala to respect their Tarnished. Lastly, 526,843 have sought atonement at the Church of Vows from everybody's favourite NPC Turtle Pope.

"The path to becoming Elden Lord is a challenging one," Bandai Namco said, "but many have persevered and can tell the true stories of their battle scars. The Elden Ring community has accomplished so much since the game was first released, yet there is still so much more to experience and explore."

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