Elden Ring community honestly impressed by player who reached Godskin Apostle at level 22 without learning about fast travel

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Elden Ring players have been blown away by a late starter who's somehow reached the Godskin Apostle without understanding a basic function of the game: fast travel.

BulkyCollection1032 reached out on the Elden Ring subreddit to ask other players for help when they realised they'd gotten themselves stuck at the bottom of Caelid tower and were struggling to escape. 

"Guys I need help getting out from here," they wrote, sharing a screenshot of their predicament. 

When the community members casually responded that all Bulky had to do was "teleport out", they said: "Oh my god, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Thank you".

When asked how they'd gotten as far into the game as they had - "Have you... never teleported?" - the OP responded: "I honestly don’t know I got so lucky lmao".

guys_i_need_help_getting_out_from_here from r/Eldenring

The thread has since clocked up more than six hundred responses, with many in awe of the OP's feat, given they were only Level 22 and didn't know fast travel existed.

"How tf did you make it down there in three days? I didn't attempt it for 3 weeks on my first run!" said one amazed respondent.

It kicked off a wider conversation about how some players were several hours into the game without understanding other key features, too.

"I managed to get to Margit without sitting at the Grace to meet Melina. I just thought it was like Bloodborne and I'd need to attempt a boss before I could level up... that was fun," said one.

"I didn’t know you could sprint for my entire first playthrough. I even knew I could climb up and down ladders faster. I felt real stupid when I realized," added another, whilst someone else admitted that they'd gone all the way to the Capitol before they realized you could level up your flask.

"I guess I was looking for a fire keeper soul?" they said. "Haha, I kept wondering what those pretty trees with seeds were."

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