EA calls on former Call of Duty exec to help grow Battlefield

Battlefield 5
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Byron Beede has been appointed general manager and SVP of the Battlefield series, having previously worked in a similar capacity on Call of Duty and Destiny.

According to IGN, Beede's role is reportedly part of a long-term strategy at EA intended to help grow the Battlefield series after the release of Battlefield 6. While Beede will be involved with launching the next mainline Battlefield game, as well as the upcoming Battlefield mobile title, it sounds like his primary focus is on the series' long game. 

Beede's Linkedin profile still lists his current position as being Call of Duty's EVP and general manager, in which he was responsible for "developing the long-range strategy, building the organization and teams, driving the go-to-market execution and marketing." It sounds like he was called on to spearhead a similar strategy with the Battlefield series, as EA says Beede's hiring "signals a strategic, long-term commitment to the growth of the franchise." 

As for what's in store for Battlefield's more immediate future, EA is set to officially reveal the next game in the series on June 9. Semi-recently, the company announced that Criterion, which developed Battlefield 5's Firestorm mode, had been tapped to help make the next Battlefield game.

Details on Battlefield 6 are scarce, but a handful of leaks paint a vague picture of what to expect. One leaked video, which was reportedly pulled from internal test footage, seems to reveal a brief snippet from an official trailer showing a rocket launch gone wrong. Then, in screenshots from a different part of the same trailer, you can see what seems to be some VTOL aircraft.

We've been hearing reports that Battlefield 6 is returning the series to a modern-day setting since June of last year, and recent leaks seem to corroborate those rumors. For what it's worth, noted Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson reported back in March that Battlefield 6 takes place "around 10 years from now," fast-forwarding from the WW2 setting of Battlefield 5 all the way to the 2030s.

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