EA Access PS4 release date set for late July

Update: EA has confirmed the EA Access PS4 release date. The company previously announced that PS4 players would be able to sign up for EA Access in July, and now it's narrowed that down to July 24. After that, you'll be able to sign up and start making the most of EA Access' selection of free games and early access trials for upcoming releases.

Original story: As a previous PlayStation Store leak suggested, EA Access, the publisher's subscription game service, is coming to PS4 this July. As EA announced today, EA Access will be available to PS4 owners through a $5 monthly subscription or a $30 yearly subscription. 

An EA Access subscription lets you access the service's library of 50+ digital games, including sports franchises like FIFA and Madden, indie darlings like Unravel and Fe, and major releases like Dragon Age Inquisition and Star Wars Battlefront 2. You can view the full library here

Subscribers also get access to 10-hour pre-release trials of many EA-published games, and progress from these trials transfers to the full game. Anthem, for example, was playable early via EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC. Origin Access Premier subscribers could also access the full game early, but that feature is unique to EA's PC storefront. In other words, you won't get free copies of new games through EA Access. However, a subscription will net you a 10% discount on some digital EA games and DLC.

Like most subscription-based services, EA Access has improved considerably over the past few years by adding more games and bonuses. However, its value and usefulness still come down to how many EA Access games you want to play. If don't mind not owning your games, it can be an affordable way to try out a lot of games in a month or two, or fill some holes in your backlog if you missed out on series like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, or Dragon Age.   

You'll find a few of the best PS4 games tucked away in the EA Access library. 

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