E3 2012: The show's 5 most explodingest explosions reviewed and rated

E3 2012 has been full of explosions. In fact, Microsoft's press conference in particular was so full of them, whenever someone says 'Microsoft's press conference' in the office, we picture it as a big yellow fireball. Odd. Still, obviously explosions are a big deal at the moment, so we need to know which was best. Because there's no point to the internet if everyone isn't debating what's best. Here's our professional 'what's best' verdict of E3's 5 best explosions:

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Calling in an airstrike is one of the most sure-fire ways of seeing mass destruction in any military situation. Just tell the boys where you want it, press the 'go bang now' button, sit back (behind something, preferably) and watch the carnage. The new Splinter Cell knows this well. But is this explosion explodey enough?

Above: Would it be mean to point out that it's a whole 12 feet away from the 'target'?

Above: 'Kabo' and, indeed, 'om'. There's a big flash of light as the explosion explodes

Above: But what's this? Secondary explosion! Another whole explosion behind the first. FOR FREE

Above: And in a totally non-scripted (right?) coincidence, a wheel flies into the screen, man

And then it's all over. Time to consult the EXPLODE-O-METER. Which, apart from unnecessarily being written in caps, doesn't appear to be very impressed:


Stuff thrown around: Dust and a wheel
Size of explosion:
A second
Effect on surroundings:
If it was a song:
Jesus, take the wheel
Cheap tricks and surprisingly small. Must explode harder

Justin Towell

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