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E3 2012: The show's 5 most explodingest explosions reviewed and rated

Beyond: Two Souls

Ellen Page is no stranger to playing characters who are used to explosions. Inception, right? Well, actually just inception. Here's David Cage's latest game exploding a helicopter in style on PS3. In real-time, of course. As if it would be anything else, David. As if it would be anything else.

Above: That's a helicopter crashing into the ground. Probably hit a stray balloon...

Above: And... something's exploded behind it. Sorry, I mean 'inside it'. My bad

Above: Ooooh! Aaaah! Don't you just love Nov 5/July 4?

Above: To get a sense of scale, Cage switches to a different camera. That's direction

Above: Forget the future, this helicopter's present is orange. Also, bouncing sparks

Above: "On your feet, soldier. ON YOUR FEET! Oh, and press X to Juno


Stuff thrown around: Pretty sparks
Size of explosion:
Surprisingly big
Effect on surroundings: None
If it was a song: Anyone Else But You (from Juno)
Verdict: Questionably interactive. But nice

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