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E3 2012: The show's 5 most explodingest explosions reviewed and rated

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

A Call of Duty demo without explosions would be like a Tomb Raider demo without tombs. Oh... wait... Well, suffice to say explosions fans will not be disappointed with their haul from the Black Ops 2 demo at the end of Microsoft's press conference. At least not in terms of quantity. It was akin to a visual recreation of the harrowing poem 'The German Guns' by Baldrick from Blackadder Goes Forth.

Boom boom boom boom,
Boom boom, boom boom.
Boom boom, boom boom,
Boom boom boom.

Epic literature aside, let's have at this explosion, shall we?

Above: An enemy drone swoops in and fires a missile at the ground just in front of the AV

Above: It's exploded! Just like missiles do, so we probably shouldn't be surprised

Above: And it's making a right mess of that tarmac. Who's going to sweep all that up?

Above: Erm... we're still moving towards this thing. Shouldn't we think about stopping before...

Above: And that's what happens when you're too busy looking at explosions when you should be concentrating on the road. Tsk


Stuff thrown around: Gravel and a van
Size of explosion:
A couple of seconds
Effect on surroundings: A small hole
If it was a song: Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
Verdict: Madam President was never in real danger

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