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Remember you need to be a Prime member to get the best Amazon deals next week

Remember you need to be a Prime member to get the best Amazon deals next week
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Amazon Prime Day is only a few days away and, in what's going to be a crazy few months before the year is out, you might as well look to be best placed before the Amazon Prime Day deals start  It’s only topped by Black Friday in terms of prices being slashed and opportunities to be jumped on, so it pays to stick around and be prepared for any hot sales that might pop up.

However, you can't take advantage of any of the deals if you’re not an Amazon Prime member. This is the membership that gives you next day delivery and access to the retail behemoth’s TV service and so on - being a regular Amazon member and shopper is not enough to take advantage of this event.

You can pay for the membership but if you're eligible, you can take advantage of a month's free trial which will be ideal for prime day and some of November's early Black Friday deals to get the fast shipping and TV service - you can then simply cancel it after and be done with it. Use these links below to get to the free trial signup pages.

  • Amazon Prime free trial sign-up: USA (opens in new tab) | UK (opens in new tab) | Canada (opens in new tab) | Australia (opens in new tab)

There are plenty deals on offer and we've got some hubs that you may want to bookmark to keep abreast of the best.

Amazon Prime Day gaming deals | Amazon Prime Day laptop deals | Amazon Prime Day headset deals | Amazon Prime Day TV deals (opens in new tab) | Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals

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Join Amazon Prime | US
(opens in new tab)This is the link to upgrade your Amazon membership to Prime.

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Join Amazon Prime | UK (opens in new tab)
And to set your UK Amazon membership to prime, click here.

If you’re new to Amazon and all its worldly delights you can start the whole signing up process here for US shoppers (opens in new tab) and here for UK shoppers (opens in new tab).

We really recommend this as it can be a great way to get some high-price ticket items you’ve been saving up for or take advantage of some early Christmas shopping like I’ll be (don’t @ me), without having to go through the winter sales madness.

Elsewhere, it's well worthwhile keeping up to date with the PS5 pre-orders situation and what's happening with Xbox Series X pre-orders too. Tis the season of hardware launches!

Rob Dwiar
Rob Dwiar

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