The Division 2 release date, raids, free DLC, and everything we know


The Division 2 is doing everything the first game did and more. Ubisoft gave a ton of new details about the post-apocalyptic online shooter at its E3 2018 presentation, Ubisoft revealed at its E3 press conference. Wish you had more ways to make your agent feel like a unique part of the team? You'll probably be a fan of Specializations. Want higher-end challenges for your whole crew? Raids are coming. Let's dive into all the details we have right now.

The Division 2 release date is set for spring

You'll be able to play The Division 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One when its release date arrives on March 15, 2019. For your reference, that's just over three years after the original game came out on March 8, 2016 - though primary developer Massive Entertainment has kept busy with substantial post-launch updates since then.

The Division 2 trailer takes you to Washington D.C. in the springtime

The original Division was all about New York City in the winter, beginning just weeks after a deadly strain of flu struck down most of its population and chaos seized the rest. The Division 2 will pick up months later in Washington D.C., which is looking downright apocalyptic at this point. Apparently the quarantine efforts failed pretty hard. Now it's on you, an agent of the secret government sleeper group called The Division, to put things back together.

The Division 2 gameplay has a strong emphasis on the endgame

You still won't pick a class when you start playing The Division 2, but you sort of will after you finish the campaign. The sequel introduces multiple Specializations that agents can pick up just as they're getting ready to head into the endgame; selecting one will give you access to exclusive weapons like sniper rifles and grenade launchers, and unique variations of agent abilities. It's sort of a class-lite system, and it sounds like a cool way to encourage planning for the new Raids. Yep, watch out Destiny - The Division 2 is getting raids, and they'll support teams of up to eight players.

The Division 2 DLC will give away at least three new episodes for free

No word on whether The Division 2 will offer paid DLC - though it's a good bet - but Ubisoft has already confirmed three new DLC episodes coming free in the first year. That should keep you busy for a while.

The Division 2 beta is taking sign-ups now

Ubisoft hasn't said when The Division 2's beta will begin, but you can sign up for it right now. Just head to the game's official website, enter your details and preferred platform, and you'll be ready to play early whenever the game's ready for testing.