Dissect aliens with Bully on 360 and Wii

Jan 16, 2008

We loved Bully (or Canis Canem Edit as it was called in the UK). Especially because its skilled storytelling and able action made a mockery of the smear campaign that lazily dubbed Rockstar's school romp as a 'Columbine simulator'. The trouble was, though, that it launched on PS2 at the exact time that Xbox 360's appeal was dragging gamers into the next-generation. Meaning there'll be lots of you that never got the pleasure of enrolling at Bulworth Academy. Which is pretty sad.

So enter Bully: Scholarship Edition. This updated version of the game launches in March, and ought to give early Xbox 360 adopters a chance to see just what they missed out on. There's also a Wii edition, providing Nintendo owners with a more satisfyingly sized adventure to tackle in between the endless rounds of five-minute mini-games.

"But hang on," you might ask, "why on Earth should I buy a two-year-old game?". In which case we'd point out the superb story, great atmosphere and personality that Bully boasts (after gently cuffing your ear, ruffling your hair and going "Ahhhhh, bless" in a condescending manner). And if you need any more convincing then here's exactly why Bully: Scholarship Edition deserves your attention...

You can make Santa blub like a baby

By smashing up his grotto, and beating the crap out of his diminutive elf helpers. The Scholarship Edition adds eight completely new missions to the final few chapters of Bully, and Rockstar treated us to some Father Christmas bashing in 'Micracle on Bullworth St.', one of the fresh missions.

The new missions ably recreate the same edgy but silly humour and tone of the original game. This winter-set outing sees Jimmy begged to trash the local Santa's grotto by a booze-fuelled hobo in a filthy Christmas outfit. If Jimmy puts the rival Father Christmas out of business, this homeless Santa reckons he'll have the punters crowding into his horribly grotty grotto. But who really cares about motivation when you get to swing baseball bats at little bleeders in elf costumes?

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