Dissect aliens with Bully on 360 and Wii

The Wii's motion-controls are a great addition

As in, Bully: SE doesn't just include motion-control for the hell of it. There's some neat use of the Wiimote and nunchuk, notably in the combat - where the two controllers act as your fists, like in Wii Boxing - and especially when you 'humiliate' your rival. Pulling off a Chinese burn, say, sees you twist the Wiimote around in a spiral. While getting Jimmy to flob on his hand and smear it on the victim's face involves a few flicks and swipes of the nunchuk. Think Manhunt 2 on Wii, only without the dismemberment.

The motion-control extends into the classrooms, too. Gym lessons use boxing, wrestling and dodgeball action in a similar way to the fisticuffs and slingshot attacks, while Biology lessons use the Wiimote pointer to guide your scalpel. All in all, Bully: SE ends up being just as comfortable a fit with the Wii controls as Nintendo's own Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Jimmy has four new lessons to learn

More schoolwork might not sound like a positive, but in Bully any additions only add yet more flavour to the already engaging world. Plus, though Rockstar couldn't reveal any info on what the classwork rewards might be, we expect Jimmy will gain new skills from his extra curricular commitments. First up in the new list is Geography, then there's Maths, Music and - we've mentioned before - Biology.

Biology we know about, but Rockstar were tight lipped about the nature of the other classroom activities. However, that didn't stop us guessing. Geography will - shock - involve maps, perhaps a bit like the art lessons. Music ought to be a rhythm action game like the Chemistry tests. But Maths. Well, we're utterly stumped. God knows how those lessons will work out...

It's not called Canis Canem Edit any more!

Which is great! For us especially! It's a whole four less syllables to say! And three times fewer words! And nine fewer letters! Brilliant!

Seriously, though, we'll bet the change works out well for Rockstar too. Bully sold well as Canis Canem Edit in the UK, but we're sure that the more controversial-sounding original title makes a far more enticing prospect for buyers.

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