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Disney Plus gift subscription card is now available in the UK, giving you 12 months for £59.99

Disney Plus subscription card deal
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is fast approaching and the Disney Plus gift card – available in the UK for the first time – is shaping up to be the perfect present for your Mickey Mouse-mad friends and family. Or, if we're being honest, as a little treat for yourself should you want to dive into The Mandalorian season 2 or even look ahead to WandaVision when it launches in January.

The links above allow you to pick up a digital version of the card (sadly, physical Disney Plus subcription cards are only available in select US Disney stores and theme parks). However, you still get all the magic of a gift card in this online offer. Simply click the link above - or below, if you're still pondering - and you can have the redemption code sent directly via email on December 25th, or another day of your choosing.

But why is Disney Plus for under £60 such a great deal? Not only do you get access to every major Disney animated and live-action film ever made (think about the eye-watering cost of a boxset containing all of those), but you get so many extra goodies on top of that: the best Pixar movies at the click of a button, 31 entire seasons of The Simpsons, the complete Star Wars saga, MCU movies, and so much more. There's a surprising amount of variety under the Disney umbrella and it equates to just under a fiver a month. A bargain, and then some.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Disney Plus gift cards can only be activated by new subscribers. If the recipient already has Disney Plus, they won't be able to use the card - the official site notes that they "cannot be used to pay for an existing subscription."

If you've already got a subscription, you can always check out the latest Disney Plus sign-up deals and Disney Plus bundles on offer. It's hard to turn down the gift card, though, if you've yet to sign up. 2021 has the potential to have more Mandalorian, at least four new MCU series, and the possibility of new Disney movies to be added all year round. Plus, you're guaranteed to get Soul on Christmas Day, a brand-new release included in the price of your subscription.

Based in the US? You can get in on the action as well via the link below.

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