The Diablo series is getting an all-new class for the first time in nearly a decade

Diablo Immortal has revealed the venerable action-RPG series' first new class in almost a decade: the Blood Knight.

The Blood Knight was revealed during the latest Diablo developer livestream, though it's worth noting at the top that it appears to be exclusive to the mobile Diablo Immortal, and there's no indication that it's coming to Diablo 4 any time soon.

The new class looks like it was pulled straight from the Castlevania series, with a distinctly vampire hunter edge to its design. And indeed, Blizard says vampires and Blood Knights are "intertwined" in Sanctuary.

My favorite new ability is what Diablo franchise boss Rod Fergusson refers to as the "kabob attack," which lets you skewer enemies with a polearm and then swings the enemy overhead, slams them into the ground, and stuns everyone caught in the area of effect.

The Blood Knight's primary attacks involve dual-wielding polearms for quick successive strikes on enemies, and there's one called Shadow's Edge where in melee range, the Blood Knight will do a slash, but for enemies further away they'll throw their dagger forward. Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher described the Blood Knight's primary abilities as "good room clear" skills.

The Abomination is the Blood Knight's transforming skill, which when activated changes your entire skill bar into a new primary attack and two new skills. One's called Blood Rush, which turns you into a ball of blood that dashes forward, and another gives you a three-hit combo attack, the last of which sends you flying into the air and down to the ground with an AoE stun.

The Blood Knight will go live in Diablo Immortal next week on July 13.

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