How to get Diablo Immortal Adventure Journals

Diablo Immortal Adventure Journals Elite quests taite
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To get Diablo Immortal Adventure Journals, players can get them by passing special checkpoints, thresholds and markers within the game, usually focused on the Codex or at key points (albeit slightly arbitrary ones). Even at the best of times Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal are incredibly rare, and even knowing where they come from, you'll have to work hard to earn the next one. Still, once you do get them, they can be spent in Westmarch with a special trader vendor to get Elite Quests, unique missions with major rewards that make the whole exhausting enterprise worthwhile. Below we'll go into further detail about how to get Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal, and how they're used to get Elite Quests.

How to get Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal

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At time of writing there are only two ways that we know of to get Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal:

1. As rewards for completing certain objectives and milestones in the Codex

2. As rewards for reaching specific Paragon levels

Clearly this isn't hugely helpful as a system, as both of these reward systems are pretty contextual and hard to efficiently farm, especially considering that both of these methods dropping Journals is still definitely the exception rather than the rule (you're normally more likely to get Diablo Immortal Hilts, and the Journals are occasional one-off rewards). 

Nonetheless, these are the only methods we know of. There isn't even a way to buy Adventure Journals with micropayments in the shop, which will no doubt come as a surprise to anybody who's played the game. It's possible we'll see new ways to collect them in future updates, or that there are systems to getting Adventure Journals that haven't been widely discovered yet, but for now your best bet is to simply become the most powerful warrior possible and collect the Journals the game gives you along the way. Start by boosting your Diablo Immortal combat rating, or playing the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery to join one of the game's factions.

Where to spend Adventure Journals for Elite Quests in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Adventure Journals Elite quests taite

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Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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Adventure Journals themselves can't be used for anything in Diablo Immortal, but can be traded with a character called Taite the Adventure Seeker, found at the location marked on the map above in South Westmarch, just to be that little extra bit confusing.  

When you talk to Taite, you can effectively trade in one Adventure Journal for the chance to start an Elite Quest. Elite Quests are long, multi-stage quests, a thread of challenges that'll take you to different locations, fighting different enemies, but ultimately bring you to generally better rewards than whatever you would've gotten fighting in regular quests for the same amount of time. Considering the value of Adventure Journals, you'd definitely hope as much.

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