All Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations and how to find them

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location
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To find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal, players have to go to all the key locations around the map they can be found in once the message declaring "a hidden lair has opened in this zone" triggers. This message marks that one of the potential hidden lairs has opened - or spawned, depending on the terminology you use. However, there's no way of knowing which one it could be - the game is simply asking you to comb the entire map/zone you're in until you find it, and giving no indication of a starting point. You also have only ten minutes to do so, as otherwise the Hidden Lair will close again. This introduces a tricky timer element that makes finding them a mad scramble.

Hidden Lairs are definitely worth finding though, as they open into profitable micro-dungeons that can be looted quickly for decent rewards. For that reason, we'll go over all the Hidden Lair locations for each zone in Diablo Immortal below.

How to find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal

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As mentioned, players can find Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal by searching key structures in key locations when the message revealing that a Lair has opened in the zone appears. It means that one of the key structures is now "active" (usually indicated by a glowing light from within), and can be interacted with to enter the Hidden Lair - aka, the little mini-dungeon. There'll also be a blue portal icon on the mini-map.

All potential Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal are represented by the same building in each zone. For example, all Hidden Lairs in Ashwold Cemetery are identical Mausoleums, and when one of them is glowing, you know it's open and ready for plundering. We've listed them below - you'll notice there's some overlap, but it doesn't actually matter beyond the visual. It's also important to remember that the structures that represent hidden lairs don't all have Hidden Lairs in them. So while every Hidden Lair in Ashwold Cemetery is a Mausoleum, not every Mausoleum in Ashwold is a Hidden Lair.

  • Ashwold Cemetery: Mausoleum
  • Dark Wood: Ruined tunnel
  • Shassar Sea: Stone well
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle: Ornate well
  • Bilefen: Rocky caves
  • Mount Zavain: Rocky caves
  • Frozen Tundra: Stone portal
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Once you get close to one, interact with it to see a sign like "Underground Lair" or "Timelost lair" or some variation. Then confirm and you'll go into a lobby for the lair itself.

It's important to remember that the lairs appear to be first-come, first-served - as in, if somebody else in the server reaches it before you do, you might lose the chance to enter yourself.

We've also heard a rumour that players can prompt more frequent lair spawns by interacting with objects close to the lair's base structure, such as chests and shrines. So if you tinker with these a lot, there's apparently a better chance of a lair opening nearby - we haven't been able to confirm this personally, but many people are stating that it does help to prompt the "a hidden lair has opened in this zone" message.

What are Hidden Lairs?

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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Hidden Lairs themselves are basically mini-dungeons that players can get into, with rewards both for completing them, and to be found while you play by killing bosses and completing objectives. They're short, snacky experiences that pay well, especially for early players who might want to boost their Diablo Immortal combat rating. Once you get into a Lair, you enter a lobby through which you can invite up to three other players to join you. They tend to give fairly basic resources, so not quite Diablo Immortal Hilts, but it's better than not doing them.

All Hidden Lair locations in Diablo Immortal

Players are still uncovering all the locations for Hidden Lairs, but here are all the ones we know about at time of writing, organised by their origin zone's difficulty/level requirement (aka, the order you'll unlock them). We've mentioned some basic ideas for how you can most effectively explore them, considering that you'll be on a ten minute timer, and we'd also like to thank BlizzPlanet for being the source of the base maps, which we've edited to highlight the potential lair locations below.

Ashwold Cemetery

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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The Ashwold Cemetery zone has a lot of potential Hidden Lairs, arranged in fairly dense clusters. When scanning through them all, try to move in a circular direction around the map for maximum efficiency, and start in the Ossuary if it's close.

Dark Wood

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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Dark Wood basically splits its lairs into a few at the bottom and more at the top. Do either half of the map, going horizontally, before heading up or down to the other half and repeating the process for the best chance.

Shassar Sea

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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Shassar Sea is tricky to do quickly, with a lot of Hidden Lairs haphazardly spread across the bottom two thirds of the zone, but try to repeat the circular process from Ashwold to check through them most efficiently, going either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Library of Zoltun Kulle

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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The Library and areas afterwards seem to have fewer lairs overall than the early areas. Here the best chance you have is to go diagonally, branching off if need be, but otherwise going Northeast to Southwest, or vice versa.


Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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Bilefen's swamps and jungles are a lot easier to manage, though frustrating if you're not on the half of the map with the Lair. Like in Dark Wood, sweep your half, then sprint to the other if you don't strike gold.

Mount Zavain

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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Mount Zavain is a bit of an anomaly - all its known potential Lair spawns are grouped together, with a couple of outliers you'll have to cross a long way to check. Obviously head to the cluster in Zakarum Graveyard first, then try the others if it's not there.

Frozen Tundra

Diablo Immortal hidden lairs location

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At time of writing there only seem to be a few lairs in Frozen Tundra, though it's possible we'll see more discovered over time. The circular/clockwise method is probably best here, though their incredibly broad spacing will make it a pain.

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