How to get Hilts and find the Hilt Trader in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal hilts hilt trader
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Diablo Immortal Hilts are found by completing specific challenges, usually special menu challenges like the Challenge Rifts, Codex rewards and Faction Quests, among others. Hilts are a unique currency that can't be obtained via simply killing enemies, even special raid bosses, but can nonetheless be spent for special items and resources with Lieutenant Fizriah, a unique merchant at Westmarch who trades in them. Hilts should be spent cautiously - they are rare enough to be treated as one of the most valuable commodities in Diablo Immortal, so we'll go into more detail about how to get Hilts and spending them below.

How to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal

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As discussed, you can get Hilts in Diablo Immortal by any of the following methods:

You can click on any of the methods listed above to find out more, or just scroll down, but what you'll notice about all these methods is that they're fairly tough to farm. It's not like there's a specific enemy you can just keep killing, these are based around timed, structured or unique rewards designed to limit the amount of Hilts you can gain during a certain amount of time. That's not to say you can't keep working towards them, but there's no obvious exploit or system for farming Hilts beyond what the game intends for you to do, so to speak.

That being said, it doesn't mean you can't speedily work your way through the process, so we'll explain all the best ways to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal below. Or jump to the bottom via the link to see where to find the Hilt trader in Diablo Immortal.

Battle Pass rewards

This is the obvious one, but Hilts can be obtained via progress in the Battle Pass, whether in the free or paid version. Completing the challenges tied to it in the relevant part of the Codex will offer a steady drip-feed of experience, which can then be converted into Hilts and other rewards as you progress up the Battle Pass.

Challenge Rift rewards

While you don't get Hilts for simply completing the Challenge Rift quests in Westmarch, they do add towards your status on the attached Leaderboards. The higher you are on those leaderboards, the more Hilts you can claim from the game for doing so. 

Codex rewards

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The Codex is full of various challenges, especially in the Conquest section, that all provide Hilts for completing them. They're even tiered challenges, so you can complete the same ones over and over for further rewards. These are probably the easiest way to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal, as most of them are tied to things you'll be doing regardless, such as improving your Diablo Immortal combat rating

In that sense, Codex challenges can sometimes act as a kind of passive way to obtain Hilts, at least with certain quests. Just be sure to keep checking the Codex to see if you've reached the next reward, or if you're close to it and it's worth diverting your attention briefly to hit that next marker.

First Kill of the Day

We've heard a lot of people saying that the First Kill of the Day reward - exactly what it sounds like - has a chance to drop Hilts, though we haven't confirmed it ourselves, getting other rewards each time we try instead. Still, we won't say it's not happening, and considering it's almost guaranteed that you'll be getting this, it's worth keeping an eye on regardless.


Nearly all the various solo and group server leaderboards in the game, much like those you get into via the Challenge Rift, offer Hilts as reward for getting further up them, with more Hilts given to those who reach the upper echelons. Either play around and get a moderate score on all of them, or focus solely on one to try and boost your position for the maximum payout possible. It's also important to keep an eye on when leaderboards reset (usually every Monday), as this'll give you the opportunity to attempt the whole thing over again. 

Faction Quests

Hilt-reward Faction Quests in Diablo Immortal are unlocked once you hit level 43 and complete the Bilefen story quests, which allows you to try and join either the Shadows or even the Immortals a couple of times a day (assuming you're willing to roll a dice and jump through some hoops).

Once you're in, you can do the daily Faction missions and challenges tied to each one, which usually have Hilts as a reward somewhere among them all. It's definitely going the long way round to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal, but if you're joining these factions anyway, you might as well milk them for everything they're worth.

Diablo Immortal Hilt trader location and how to spend your Hilts

Diablo Immortal hilts hilt trader

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Once you have Hilts, there's basically one place to spend them at time of writing: Lieutenant Fizriah in the Northeast of Westmarch (ironically), just a step above the Immortal Overlook Waypoint. He sells a variety of valuable and rare loot in exchange for Hilts, and tends to have a standard range of stock, a select stock only for those in the Immortals Faction, and some limited-time goodies that cycle in and out. He also has hard purchase limits on each one, limiting how many you can buy in a given period. Here's his stock and prices for most players (not including the ever-changing limited-time gear).

Swipe to scroll horizontally
General Stock
ItemPricePurchase Limit
Legendary Crest1600One per month
Ca'arsen's Invigoration (Legendary Gem)1600One per month
Crest300 Two per day
Normal Gem200 Ten per week
Reforge Stone200Eight per week
Aspirant's Key 50Five per day
Simple Charm100Three per week
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